Snacks souvenirs you must buy from Japan

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Snacks souvenirs you must buy from Japan
There are many unique things to buy in Japan. From local food to cute souvenirs. Here is a list of must-buy items for your shopping haul in Japan.

  • Shiroi Koibito Biscuits

    Shiroi Koibito BiscuitsShiroi Koibito Biscuits

    Shiroi Koibito means White Lover in English. Shiroi Koibito is basically a square cookie sandwich with 2 very thin crispy cookies with a slice of soft white chocolate in between. The white chocolate kind of looks like cheese.
    These cookies are really yummy. The thin crispy cookies have a strong vanilla flavour. The chocolate inside is always soft, smooth, and just melts in your mouth. The cookies look very simple, and they look like how they would taste. They’re pretty brilliant.

  • Royce Nama Chocolate

    Royce Nama ChocolateRoyce Nama Chocolate

    This world-famous brand, born in 1983, was founded in none other than Sapporo! So stock up on chocolate bars, chocolate wafers, baton cookies, and all other yummy goodies in flavours from Matcha to Strawberry Cream. They would have come fresh from the local factory.

  • Kit Kat

    Kit KatKit Kat

    If you’ve ever had a friend go to Japan, the no.1 souvenir that’s handed out are all the unique Kit Kat flavors that you can only find in Japan. The one thing you’ll find in Japan is that all of these special flavors that they have come in the mini size. The flavors that you see will also be somewhat seasonal.

  • Tokyo Banana Cake

    Tokyo Banana CakeTokyo Banana Cake

    Tokyo Banana undoubtedly is one of the most popular items to get when visiting Tokyo. It’s basically a sponge cake filled with custard and it comes in pretty packaging.Tokyo Banana cakes are not just your grandma’s desserts - with flower, panda, giraffe, and Hello Kitty patterns, the cakes are a trip for your taste buds and your inner kid.

  • Saikano Houseki

    Saikano HousekiSaikano Houseki

    The word "houseki" means jewel, and just as the name says, these delicious and popular treats look like jewels. They use carefully selected fruit and turn them into jellies. They use 29 kinds of fruit, and you can also find jellies shaped like roses or leaves.

  • Mochi


    No one really knows where the mysterious mochi originated from, but Japanese mythology attributes this delicacy to the arrival of kami (Shinto spirits) to Earth. This otherworldly dessert actually comes as its own mochi ice cream flavor, so it’s perfect for cooling down in Japan’s hot summer months.

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