Snacks that you must try in South Korea

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Snacks that you must try in South Korea
Craving for snacks when travelling to South Korea? Here are delicious snacks and drinks that will satisfy your hunger during your trip to this wonderful country.

  • Butter Caramel Pringles

    Butter Caramel PringlesButter Caramel Pringles

    Butter Caramel Pringles… Say whaaat? Inspired by the famous Honey Butter chips that took Korea by storm, these Pringles are a mix of addictive saltiness and delightful sweetness. Exclusively available in South Korea, this can of buttery and crispy goodness is ideal for sharing with your besties, and the pretty pink packaging is definitely a bonus.

  • Kimchi Stew Potato Chips

    Kimchi Stew Potato ChipsKimchi Stew Potato Chips

    Just like how some people are not a fan of pineapples on pizzas, there are also some who are not a fan of potato chips that are sweet. If butter caramel just isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there is also a wide selection of savoury chips for you to turn to! One of the most unique flavours available is the Kimchi Stew flavour. A classic dish in Korean cuisine, kimchi stew is a spicy and hearty broth filled with ingredients such as kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage), scallions, tofu, onions and pork. Likewise, these crunchy chips are a combination of salty and tangy flavours, with a kick of spice. What better way to experience Korea?

  • Pikachu Churros

    Pikachu ChurrosPikachu Churros

    Pikachu AND churros? Shut up and take my money! I don’t know how anyone can resist this, because I certainly can’t. This is best as an afternoon snack to nibble on while shopping at Myeongdong or taking a refreshing stroll along the Han River.

  • Yakult Yoghurt Jelly

    Yakult Yoghurt JellyYakult Yoghurt Jelly

    Introduced this year, these cute packets of jelly come in three flavours: Original Yoghurt Jelly, Apple Yogurt Jelly and Strawberry Yogurt Jelly. Not only does the packaging take the shape of the actual Yakult bottles, the jelly pieces are also adorably shaped like mini Yakult bottles. The refreshing taste and chewy texture of the jelly make it perfect for sharing with your besties and a great souvenir to bring home.

  • Orion Strawberry Choco Pie

    Orion Strawberry Choco PieOrion Strawberry Choco Pie

    When it comes to Korean snacks, Choco Pie is one of THE most well-known and well-liked options. For those who have yet to be enlightened, a Choco Pie is a small chocolate-coated snack consisting of two round layers of cake with marshmallow filling. People usually stick to the original Choco Pie, but you can always be unconventional and try other flavours such as Banana and Green Tea.

    This year, Korean food company Orion also introduced Strawberry-flavoured Choco Pies as a spring limited edition release. The appealing pink packaging as well as the fragrance of strawberry will certainly attract legions of Choco Pie fans eager to get a taste of the newest flavour.

  • Green Tea Brownies

    Green Tea BrowniesGreen Tea Brownies

    Like the Choco Pies, the original Market O Real Brownies are also an extremely popular choice of snacks. Deliciously fudgy and dense, these brownies are said to be made from locally sourced ingredients and include no chemical additives. Late last year, Orion introduced these delectable green-tea-flavoured brownies with tasty chocolate chunks, combining the richness of green tea and the chewy texture of the brownies.

  • Minions Milk

    Minions MilkMinions Milk

    There is just no end to the cuteness of Korean snacks. Packaged in Minion bottles, the milk comes in four different flavours: banana, chocolate, corn, and coffee. Part of the Cherry Blossom limited edition release, these adorably-designed bottles can be collected and used to stir up feelings of envy amongst your friends. So keep your eyes open and snag as many of these bottles as possible the next time you visit Korea!

  • Double Dip Pepero

    Double Dip PeperoDouble Dip Pepero

    Much loved by Koreans and frequently featured in Korean dramas and variety shows, Pepero is almost like the national snack of Korea. There is even a Pepero Day in Korea! Held on November 11, Pepero Day is celebrated by exchanging Pepero snacks with friends and loved ones to show affection for each other. Visit any grocery or convenience store and you’ll find stacks and stacks of Pepero in various flavours, ranging from Oreo to Tiramisu Cheese. But have you heard of Double Dip Pepero? Dipped with double layers of chocolate, these chunky Pepero sticks are excellent little treats for sharing with your friends. Simple and tasty, Double Dip Pepero is available in two flavours: Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate, as well as Strawberry Chocolate & White Chocolate. Double the layer, double the happiness!

  • Chocolate Rice Cake Pie

    Chocolate Rice Cake PieChocolate Rice Cake Pie

    Rice cake is a staple in Korean cuisine. From traditional sweets like pan-fried rice cakes with red bean filling, to savoury dishes like tteokbokki, rice cakes are widely used in many Korean dishes and snacks. But LOTTE puts a modern twist on the classic rice cake by adding chocolate to it. Filled and coated with a layer of velvety chocolate, this snack feels like a hybrid of Choco Pie and Japanese mochi and will be the perfect little treat to satisfy your sugar cravings!

  • Melona Fruit-Flavoured Ice Bar

    Melona Fruit-Flavoured Ice BarMelona Fruit-Flavoured Ice Bar

    Creamy and refreshing, these fruit-flavoured ice bars are the ideal snack after a long day of shopping and sightseeing under the blazing sun of the Korean summer. There are several flavours available, including Melon, Strawberry, Mango, Banana, and Coconut. My personal favourite is the Melon ice bar, but don’t just take my word for it! Feel free to get all the different flavours to share with your BFFs and decide amongst yourselves which is the most delicious of them all.

  • Snoopy Flavoured Milk

    Snoopy Flavoured MilkSnoopy Flavoured Milk

    Another adorably-packaged milk! Koreans seem to be obsessed with cute packaging designs and milk, but we’re not complaining. These are available in coffee, strawberry, salt & caramel, and banana flavours. Feel free to buy one of these for breakfast and you’ll be ready for a day of sightseeing and hipster Instagram photoshoots. Get different flavours to share with your friends to try a little bit of everything and appreciate the various Snoopy illustrations.

  • Fish-shaped Ice-cream Sandwich

    Fish-shaped Ice-cream SandwichFish-shaped Ice-cream Sandwich

    Derived from one of the most classic Korean street food called bungeo-ppang (fish-shaped pastry filled with sweetened red bean paste), these fish-shaped sandwiches are the levelled-up version with not just red bean paste but also ice-cream! Other than red bean paste, Korean food manufacturers have also been experimenting by creating alternative versions with other fillings such as sweet potato paste.

  • Roasted Seaweed

    Roasted SeaweedRoasted Seaweed

    A healthier snack alternative to potato chips, these roasted seaweed sheets are sufficiently crispy and salty, making them the perfect snack for midnight heart-to-heart talks with your BFFs or movie marathons in your hotel rooms. Usually lightly seasoned with natural sea salt, these seaweed sheets are addictive and also ideal as side-dishes to go with rice or noodles.

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