Spend an unforgettable day exploring Northeastern Vietnam

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Spend an unforgettable day exploring Northeastern Vietnam
If you have a chance to travel in northeastern Vietnam, then you will see some of the most diverse landscapes and an incredible culture that this country has to offer. Ha Giang and Cao Bang are stunning areas in the midst of a more breathtaking landscape.

With its endless mountains and forests, green hills and sweeping rice paddies, northeastern Vietnam is a place unlike any other. The region’s natural beauty is absolutely breathtaking and will make a trip here one of your top experiences while in the country. To get a real feel for this area and have a chance to see some of its more remote and all the more spectacular sights.
  • Exploring Ba Be Lake

    Exploring Ba Be LakeExploring Ba Be Lake

    Start your morning off with some yummy breakfast at your homestay before making your way to Ba Be Lake for a boat tour. As you cruise around the lake you’ll see people from the Tay community fishing and probably encounter a wealth of wildlife. Keep your eyes open for beautiful butterflies, rare birds and more.

    What makes Ba Be Lake so special, is that the crystal-clear waters and scenic views are really just half the fun. As you move along, you will soon come across Puong Cave where impressive stalactites and stalagmites await. The beautiful cave is home to a huge colony of bats, so keep a lookout and you’ll be sure to spot some of them.

    Once you get back to the boat station, it’s time to catch a ride to your next stop, Thon Tha village in Ha Giang province. This is another far ride, so you’ll be able to rest from your early morning excursion while enjoying the beautiful views.

  • Trekking around Thon Tha Village

    Trekking around Thon Tha VillageTrekking around Thon Tha Village

    Your trek will start off with a walk along the endless rice terraces and past several villages which are home to the Tay people, the same community which also lives in Thon Tha village. As you move on, you will pass majestic bamboo forests and endless views of the remarkable countryside. To keep you going, grab some lunch in one of the villages you pass through or bring your own food for a picnic.

  • Seeing Cao Bang’s Waterfalls and the Nguom Ngao Cave

    Seeing Cao Bang’s Waterfalls and the Nguom Ngao CaveSeeing Cao Bang’s Waterfalls and the Nguom Ngao Cave

    Nguom Ngao cave will amaze you! As one of the largest caves in Vietnam, it draws a lot of curious visitors, all coming to see the mysterious-looking stalactites and stalagmites which have been growing inside the cave for millennia. While the cave stretches on for about four kilometers, visitors only have access to the first kilometer. This still gives you the chance to go deep into the cave, explore its many nooks and crannies and marvel at the effects of the recently installed modern lighting structures.

    Just a few kilometers from the cave, you’ll find the famed Ban Gioc waterfall. The first thing to do when you get there is get your police permit at the little station right next to the waterfall. It costs around 200,000 VND and you need to show your passport to receive it. This step is necessary because the waterfalls mark the border with China and the authorities want to keep a close eye on visitors.

  • Visiting Dong Van via Ma Pi Leng Pass

    Visiting Dong Van via Ma Pi Leng PassVisiting Dong Van via Ma Pi Leng Pass

    You will see the Pu Lo fortress, an abandoned French stronghold. It was built in 1890 and only used until 1945 but its ruins remain to this day. It’s only a short climb to get to the top and the views from there are amazing.

    Next is Meo Vac, a small town in the hills which is set just before the highlight of today's drive, the Ma Pi Leng pass. You will cross this pass on the road called "Happiness Road". It was built after Northeastern Vietnam was liberated. It took six years and the help of countless volunteers to complete. Now it connects some of the remotest areas in northeastern Vietnam.

    A note on driving: To navigate this wonderful yet dangerous pass, you must be an experienced driver. If your plan is to rent your own motorbike and drive, we recommend it if you’ve driven on steep, curvy mountain roads before and are comfortable with it. If you’re not that good on a bike and don’t want to hire a private car, you can book a trip with a local operator to take you from A to B on the back of their bike. That way you get the amazing feeling of experiencing northeastern Vietnam on a bike all while staying safe and having the chance to enjoy the view.

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