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Visit Borneo's best islands in Malaysia
Malaysian Borneo, or Sabah, can be defined as a tropical wonderland with dense virgin rainforest, vast biodiversity and hundreds of nearby islands. Check out the following top five islands in Sabah for world-class diving, snorkelling and to see a mysterious mud ...

7 unique homestays in Asia
If you are keen to travel to Asia and would like to experience staying somewhere a little different than your average hotel then you have a lot of choice.

What to do in Malaysian Borneo
The island of Borneo is divided among Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Malaysian Borneo is famous for its wild attractions and exotic animals. It is an ideal place for adventure lovers to explore the wildlife of Southeast Asia.

Spring festivals in Asia
There are so many diverse and exciting spring festivals in Asia. Numerous spring festivals in Asia celebrate the end of winter and start of warming days. These spring holidays and events are big enough to affect the region. Plan ahead by booking transportation and ...