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Visit 7 local markets in Shanghai, China
Shanghai is a shopping paradise in China. Although malls and shopping centers are becoming more popular, the majority of Shanghai residents still shop in markets.

Having breakfast like a local in Shanghai, China
There is a saying in Chinese that in the morning, you should eat breakfast till you’re full, you should eat lunch well, and eat less at dinner. Local residents very much take this saying to heart, and in the mornings can be founding loading up on their way to work with ...

Top 5 most beautiful valleys and canyons in China
China is a mountainous country. The criss-crossing mountains and valleys determine the main features of terrain in China.

Top 5 places to see autumn foliage in Asia
Along with Europe and North America, some parts of Asia get amazing autumn colours. Here are the best places to see deep yellows, burnt oranges and fiery reds foliage in Asia.

6 breathtaking terrace fields around Asia
The terrace fields across Asian countries not only plays a vital role in supplying this essential food grain to the kitchen, but forms stretches of fascinating landscapes that are delightful and a visual retreat.

The signature dishes that define Chinese cuisine
With a long history, unique features, numerous styles, and exquisite cooking, Chinese cuisine is one important constituent part of Chinese culture. Chinese traditional dishes are famous for color, aroma, taste, meaning, and appearance.

6 must-try restaurants in Chinatown, Singapore
Singapore’s Chinatown has had a restaurant explosion in recent years, with new independent eateries popping up by the dozen. The heritage architecture and winding streets make for an atmospheric setting for a night out, and you can take your pick as to the type of food ...

Discover the best regional noodles in China
While it might seem like those long strands of goodness are ubiquitous throughout China, each region has its own special noodle dish – and in some cases, several. It’s not just the toppings that change. The noodles themselves come in all shapes and sizes and are ...

Best attractions to visit in Guangzhou, China
Designated as a special economic zone, Guangzhou was the first part of China to boom and the city continues to lead the country’s economic growth. Below are some of the best sights in Guangzhou.

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