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Best places to celebrate Christmas in Asia
If traveling in December, celebrating Christmas in Asia is an option. Many countries have adopted December 25 as an official public holiday but not all. Regardless, Christmas lights, decorated trees, and even Santa can be spotted in countries where Christmas ...

The brightest destinations in Singapore this Christmas
Singapore's Christmas simply isn't complete without light-ups and displays along selected thoroughfares. From November to the first week of the New Year, Singapore will be lit up with stunning electric light displays that illuminate the whole country.

The best Christmas destinations in Philippines
Christmas is the perfect time to make wonderful memories with family and friends. It is a good thing Filipinos know how to celebrate this special holiday, so you do not have to go far to find “Instagrammable” and selfie-worthy spots. Here are top destinations for ...

Visit the best Christmas markets in Beijing, China
Looking for present ideas or just an excuse to drink lots of mulled wine with friends in the name of festivity? Pretend it is a snowy scene of Yuletide out there and head out for some pre-holiday shopping.

Top 5 popular Christmas dishes in Japan
Christmas may not be a national holiday in Japan, but there is no lack of festive cheer on Christmas time.

Best places to spend your Christmas in Saigon
Christmas is coming and everyone is preparing for the upcoming holiday. The Christians only accounts for around 8% of Vietnam’s population and Christmas is not an official public holiday, nobody gets the day off, but you’ll feel Christmas ambiance with ornaments and ...

How to celebrate Christmas in Laos
If you’re looking to celebrate in a low-key way without the commercialism, crowds or gaudy displays of lights, consider a holiday away in Laos. Beautiful vistas, incredible people, and an utter lack of holiday stress await.

A guide to Christmas in Hong Kong
Hong Kong has one of the world's most festive Christmases. Hong Kong people will celebrate Christmas perhaps the most grandly in all of East Asia. There is a two-day public holiday, and people usually enjoy dry, mild, and even sunny weather for Christmas.

Where to buy decorations for Christmas in Taiwan
In Taiwan, where Christmas is seen by many as just another day of the year, finding your festive items can be a bit of a mission. Here are the best places to hit in search of those elusive gifts and decorations.

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