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Top best coffee shops in Chiang Rai, Thailand
Chiang Rai is no rural backwater, it is the majestic hub for some of the best coffee spots in the north. Chiang Rai’s proximity to Thailand’s famous hill tribe coffee plantations ensures your caffeine fix will not only pack a punch, it will also be locally sourced. ...

Do not miss these different types of coffee when visiting Vietnam
To foreigners, iced milk coffee is perhaps the most popular traditional Vietnamese coffee. Nonetheless, Vietnam has many different types of coffee with different taste that would please drinkers in different ways such as bitter, sweet or sour.

7 best places to experience nightlife in Hai Phong City
Hai Phong nightlife might not be as active as Hanoi – only a few hours away by car. But if you explore a bit, especially around the Minh Khai District, you will find all sorts of choices.

The best coffee shops in District 2, Saigon
When you live in Saigon, especially in District 2, you might need to find the best place to work. You need a place to fully focus on your work and also to meet your partners. So here are 6 coffee shops to know.

Do not miss the unique coffee shops in Japan
Aside from the obvious tourist attractions to see, your travel to Japan is never complete without going on a food trip. You want to try some of the must-try places like Ichiran and the Tsujiri fish market, but Tokyo is also home to some of the craziest themed ...

6 best coffee shops for tourists in Beijing, China
After a day of sightseeing, or in the middle of it, there is nothing better than resting those weary feet and warming up with a cup of hot tea or coffee. To help you make your day run smoother, below is the list of most convenient and best cafe's for tourists ...

Where to enjoy live music in Ho Chi Minh City
A youthful, flourishing city, Ho Chi Minh has some of the best nightlife in Southeast Asia, including an exceptional music scene. Each year the crowds grow thicker with travelers, expats, and entrepreneurs adding to the chaos and excitement of this surprisingly ...

7 best animal coffee shops in Tokyo
Have you heard of “Animal Cafe”? It might sound a bit crazy but it is literally the place you can enjoy drinks and playing with or watching animals at the same time. Animal Cafe industry has become huge on market in last couple of years in Tokyo and now it is even one ...

8 cafés to enjoy coffee and meals in Ipoh, Malaysia
Ipoh combines colonial and cultural heritage with jagged limestone hills and cave temples. We round up the best cafés in Ipoh for coffee lovers in quirky locations as well as cosy spots for tea.

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