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A day trip to Bago, Myanmar
Bago is one of the richest archaeological sites in Myanmar. Apparently Mons were the first to settle at this site. Nowadays comprehensively overshadowed by Yangon, Bago is little more than a provincial market town on the highway north, though it does retain a hoard of ...

A day trip in Yufuin, Japan
Yufuin is quite a popular hot spring located at about 10 km from Beppo, which is a larger and developed resort. The city is a hot destination for the tourists as there are many cafes, boutiques and art museum where the tourists can come and spend their day.

Discover Suzhou in 2 days
What is the first thing burst into you mind when Suzhou is mentioned? The Grand Canal, or classic gardens? Flowing water runs beneath ancient bridges with weeping willows on both sides that is what Suzhou looks like. What to do in Suzhou in 2 days?

Welcome New Year 2020 in Singapore
In Singapore, one can witness the vibrant fusion of cultures, ethnicity, communities and most importantly, people. The place is a complete package full of excitement, surprises and charm. So here is an idea, why not spend the New Year in Singapore?

What to do in Nantou, Taiwan
Nantou is located in the center of Taiwan, and it has abundant greenery. From the mountains to the forests, Nantou will certainly amaze visitors who want to admire the beauty of nature. The history and culture are also well-preserved, and you can see it when you ...

One day trip in Gwalior, India
Famous for its ancient architecture and grand historic significance, Gwalior never fails to amaze its visitors.

Explore top attractions in Shilin, Taiwan
North of Taipei city centre, Shilin is an affluent residential area sitting at the base of Yangmingshan National Park. It's home to Taipei's best-known cultural attraction, the National Palace Museum, Shilin night market, and more. Here is a list of top Shilin ...

What to do in Soho, Hong Kong
Hong Kong is not all concrete skyscrapers and mega-malls. Away from the bustle of the financial district and neon-soaked Lan Kwai Fong, the area around Hollywood Road has come alive with indie-spirited businesses.

Explore Nusa Lembongan, the beautiful island in Indonesia
Nusa Lembongan is like a vacation from a vacation, where mainland Bali is becoming more and more overrun by tourists these days, Nusa Lembongan still holding on to its low key island vibes. Ultimately, it is a very chilled-out place that offers a decent ...

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