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A day trip to Pangkor Island, Malaysia
Pangkor Island, or Pulau Pangkor, is a beach destination that boasts wonderful white sandy beaches. On Pulau Pangkor, you will find many different kinds of water sports, as well as hiking terrain ideal for the trekkers. Here are 5 of things you should try to do on the ...

6 interesting destinations in Khon Kaen, Thailand
Khon Kaen is a unique part of Thailand and is the most notable city of the area. It is an interesting destination that is coming into its own with its impressive scenery, the variety of fascinating animal parks, the ever-present temples of the region, and the awesome ...

The best destinations to celebrate Christmas in Asia
In Asia, Christmas celebration varies among each country. It is a collection of practices by different religions occurring during this holiday period. The Western influence makes Christmas time more fun and exciting in the East.

Top 5 cool places for camping in Malaysia
Are you tired of living amidst concrete jungles and tainted air? Do you ever feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of the urban life and long for a change of scenery?

Visit the most beautiful villages in Japan
Japan has many beautiful villages spread out all across the country. Each village has its own characteristic, whether it be its abundance in history or its luscious nature, and they are all worth a visit for their stunning and unique views on offer. How about visiting ...

Drop by the best galleries in Nepal
While Nepal is full of artists who create traditional and religious-themed art, there is also no shortage of more contemporary art spaces, especially in Kathmandu. Here are the list of the best art galleries to get to know the art scene in Nepal.

The ideal Asian countries to visit in September
If you have been researching where to go in Asia in September, you probably already know that most of the famous destinations such as Bangkok and Phuket are extremely hot and also very rainy this month. That is true in most of Southeast Asia as well, but there are ...

The great experiences for animal lovers in Japan
Japan is known for its wonderful culture and connects with nature. It is beautiful and diverse. There are a number of different wildlife species in Japan which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Top destinations to visit in Indonesia beyond Bali
Bali is well-known around the world that some people actually think that it is its own country, but in fact, it just happens to be the most popular place in Indonesia. While Bali is indeed a beautiful place, there is so much more of this wonderful country to explore. ...

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