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Do not miss these interesting festivals in Thailand
There is no better way to experience Thailand in all its fabulous ethnic diversity than through its spectacular festivals.

Reasons why everyone should travel to Southeast Asia
As a region that spans over 11 countries and countless islands, it’s no wonder Southeast Asia is home to a myriad of unique natural and cultural gems. Regardless of whether you’re here for the pristine powdery beaches or archaic temples, stepping into any part of ...

10 reasons to visit Hokkaido
Boasting unspoiled natural sights, festivals, coastline and the freshest seafood in the country, Hokkaido is sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler. There are many reasons to visit Hokkaido, but we have narrowed it down to 10 of the best.

What Myanmar festivals to celebrate in each month
The Burmese people move to a calendar even more ancient than that of the west. If you're planning your Myanmar itinerary, you should time your trip according to these super-important festivals.

The weirdest festivals in Japan
When you think about Japan, you imagine tea houses, beautiful gardens, painted geishas and samurais. Japanese culture is not only mystical, but colorful and diverse. Their connection with the land, nature and with their gods is something you cannot really comprehend ...

Celebrating Vesak in Vietnam
In April or May, Buddhists around the world will celebrate Vesak, the festival commemorating Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. In Vietnam, the holiday is known as Phật Đản and will widely be observed on May 19th.

3 must-see traditional summer events in Kyoto
In the ancient capital Kyoto, the traditional events and festivals have been passed down to people and held for over one thousand years. Every time you visit Kyoto, you will have a different impression because there are four seasons in Japan. Especially, summer is a ...

7 Chinese traditional festivals you must see once
Being one of the biggest economies and a culturally diverse country, China celebrates a lot of traditional, and culture-based festivals that are nothing but a pure joy to be a part of. While the festivals play an integral role in Chinese culture, most of the festivals ...

What do you know about Boun Pi Mai, Lao's New Year Festival
Boun Pi Mai is one of the most important annual festivals to celebrate Lao New Year in the lasting several days in mid-April. It is a time when the entire country stops working and begins to party, and so do you if you visit Laos during Boun Pi Mai.

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