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The unique spring festivals to see in Ha Giang
Ha Giang is famous for its historic and cultural traditions. During the first three months of the lunar year, many festivals take place across the country. There are also plenty of occasions to celebrate major events throughout the year in Ha Giang.

5 kinds of seed loved by Vietnamese during Tet holiday
During Tet, every family in Vietnam prepares a special tray of snack to offer guests, containing a variety candies, biscuits, jam, fruits; and roasted nuts are indispensible components of the tray. Below are top 5 most common seeds in Vietnam during Tet.

Tips to enjoy Tet holiday to the fullest in Saigon
To have the best Tet experience in Ho Chi Minh city, read these useful tips shared by locals and experienced travellers to ensure a wonderful trip during the holidays.

Spring festivals in Asia
There are so many diverse and exciting spring festivals in Asia. Numerous spring festivals in Asia celebrate the end of winter and start of warming days. These spring holidays and events are big enough to affect the region. Plan ahead by booking transportation and ...

Amazing things to do in winter in Japan
There are many things that you can only experience in a Japanese winter. Here are some recommendations that you should definitely try if you come to Japan in the winter months.

All about Laos' New Year Festivals
Have you ever wondered how Laotians celebrated their own New Year Festivals? Take a look at this article to have a better understanding about them.

How to enjoy your Christmas night in Ha Noi, Vietnam
Christmas is not really a public holiday in Vietnam, but it has been received much recognition from the locals as well as the young. So, if you visit Ha Noi on Christmas, this is 5 places that you can spend your Christmas night there.

Participate Korea festivals in the first-half of the year
Despite South Korea’s rapid modernization, there are still plenty of ways to learn about the country’s rich history, colorful culture, and unique traditions.

What to eat on Christmas in Asia
Christianity is the predominant religion in only two Asian countries, the Philippines and East Timor. Christians make higher percentage of total population in Lebanon and South Korea. However, Christmas is a very popular holiday all over Asia. Here are just some of ...

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