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The non-sushi foods you should try in Japan
You are in Japan. You have eaten more sushi in two days than you have in your whole life and you feel like you consist entirely of raw fish. It is time to try out these spectacular Japanese culinary classics, without a shred of sashimi in sight.

5 must-try snacks in Taiwan
Snacks shopping in Taiwan can be quite daunting because of the sheer number of options and an equally large number of brands producing them. These are the Taiwan souvenirs we highly recommend.

Enjoy the various noodle dishes in South Korea
No trip to South Korea is completed without trying these amazing local dishes. There are so many reasons to travel to South Korea but one of the biggest reasons is its cuisine. South Korea is a wonderland for people who love food, from the amazing bibimbap to authentic ...

Best restaurants to have Chinese foods in Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City has an abundant and growing number of Chinese restaurants. These restaurants mentioned below are your best bets for eating Chinese in Saigon.

The best local dishes in Southeast Asia you must try
Southeast Asian cuisine is famous throughout the world. And if truth be told, it's one of the main memories for many people who travel to Southeast Asia. Compared to food in the West, Southeast Asian food tends to be richer in flavor and spices. At the hands of ...

The best vegan-friendly spots in Thailand
Built around its cruelty-free Buddhist tenets, Thai cuisine is actually quite plant-based in its natural form, with hardly any traces of dairy. As it evolved, ingredients like fish sauce were introduced to many dishes as a substitute for salt, and the greater ...

Top cities should be on the list of food lovers
Asia is a dream destination for foodies, as each country provides its own unique dishes, culinary traditions and fresh ingredients that are hard to resist. From sushi perfection in Japan and spicy dishes Thailand to the diverse flavors in Malaysia, you’re spoiled for ...

Come to Sri Lanka and taste its best food, Kottu Roti
Kottu Roti is the Sri Lankan street food favoured by locals and visitors alike. Some love it late at night after a stint of partying, others love it for breakfast. It’s a Sri Lankan icon, once only for the low and middle class, now a favourite with the upper class ...

Enjoy the most famous egg dishes from Japan
Just like many Western countries, Japanese people serve egg as a major part of daily meals. Although they may share a lot of similarities, Japanese dish culture takes preparing eggs to a whole new level. From dishes prepared with raw eggs to mounds of rice wrapped ...

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