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7 unique beverages you should try once in Vietnam
Vietnam is well-known for its delicious street food with fresh herbs and aromatic broths but do you know that beverages in Vietnam are also very unique and iconic?

Explore the most popular dishes in the Mid-autumn festival
Mid-autumn festival is known as one of the largest festivals in Asia. There are a lot of different ways to celebrate this great holiday, such as gathering with friends and family, worshipping the moon, praying and looking pretty lanterns. Let’s take a look at different ...

What to eat in Luang Prabang Night Market
Lao food bargains line a narrow alley just off the Luang Prabang Night Market entrance - positioned just right for visitors who want to start their shopping evening with a meal, or for tired shoppers looking for a quick bite. The night market covers Laos’ extensive ...

Laos and locals dishes you must try
Laos’ cuisine is as nuanced and unique as its people. With regional flavors and dishes, you’ll find different menu items in the north and south. With a typically spicy, citrusy and funky flavor profile, Lao food is an adventure for the palate. Check out these top Lao ...

Worth-trying dishes in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan dish is reminiscent of South Indian food with some added island personality. Sri Lankan meals have gained global popularity with their blend of fiery spices, creamy curries, rich flavors and unique textures. The scrumptious dishes of Sri Lankan cuisine ...

Great places for food lovers in Japan
When it comes to food specialties, nobody does it better than Japan. Though Tokyo has everything and Kyoto is the home of traditional dishes, there are so many other places to try along the way. Here are great places and their specialties that food lovers would be ...

7 best food stalls and restaurants in Little India, Malaysia
Little India near Kuala Lumpur Sentral bursts with the sounds, smells and tastes of India, right in the heart of Malaysia’s capital.

Enjoy the autumn cuisine in Korea
Autumn in Korea is referred as “the season of high sky and stout horses,” which means that skies are clear and grains are fully ripened. As the proverb implies, there is many foods in Korea you can savor in the season. Here is a short list of things you must enjoy in ...

Having breakfast like a local in Shanghai, China
There is a saying in Chinese that in the morning, you should eat breakfast till you’re full, you should eat lunch well, and eat less at dinner. Local residents very much take this saying to heart, and in the mornings can be founding loading up on their way to work with ...

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