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7 local delicacies you should try in Taichung
Taichung has always had a reputation for incredible cuisine, with tourism to the city enjoying an incredible boost, Taichung is truly booming. With so many locally produced delicacies to choose from, even locals sometimes find it hard to decide what to eat. Here are ...

Top must-try fried chicken shops in Seoul
Fried chicken is one of the most popular dishes in South Korea. The expression ‘chimaeg‘, a blend of fried chicken (chi) and beer (maekju), has become the standard meal combo during South Korean night outs. Here is where you can grab the best fried chicken in ...

The taste of Asia in 7 local dishes
Food is an intrinsic part of travel and an important aspect of digging deeper into the culture and exploring the landscape of each new destination. Travel around Asia with these 7 local dishes, each of which represents the region of their birth.

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