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The most Instagrammable places in Singapore
Instagram is playing an increasingly big role in the way people travel and capture their memories. Singapore is one of those destinations where there are Instagram-worthy spots all over the city; the contrast between modern high-rise buildings and colorful houses ...

One day trip in Gwalior, India
Famous for its ancient architecture and grand historic significance, Gwalior never fails to amaze its visitors.

Challenge yourself with the spiciest Asian foods
Asia’s full of spicy foods, but it’s not a competition. Every country’s got its own take on hot and spicy foods, with so many different delightful ways to burn your tongue. Now for this list, we’re sticking mainly to spicy-yet-delicious recipes rather than the insane ...

Top 10 island escapes in Asia
Finding an empty beach in Asia was a breeze a few decades ago, but it's not quite so easy anymore. The good news? Whether your idea of paradise involves a tropical beach framed by palm trees, or wildlife encounters in the woods, Asia has an island for you.

Where to shop for souvenirs in Goa, India
With breezy beaches, thrilling adventures and lively flea markets, Goa is alluring for sure. Goa has some great souvenirs for sale, so here’s is a rundown of the best places to buy gifts for loved ones or yourself.

Top destinations in Bangalore, India
Bangalore, now called Bengaluru, is the capital city of Karnataka in south India. The city has earned several names such as Silicon Valley of India, Pub Capital of India, Air Conditioned City, and City of Gardens.

The traditional markets to visit in India
India has a rich culture and history, and this is often best displayed in the many traditional markets in India. In a world where buying anything is just a click away, these bazaars and markets are an echo of an older era that still continues to exist.

Top Kolkata street foods that make your mouth water
Kolkata’s culinary scene is rich, vibrant and ever-rewarding to any food connoisseur. It isn’t just in traditional kitchens or legendary restaurants where you’ll witness the dynamism of Kolkata’s cuisine. Here are the best street food dishes you shouldn’t miss out ...

Top 5 floating markets in Asia
Floating markets are by far one of the main trademark attractions among Asian countries. The abundance of exotic goods sold directly from boats, the explosion of colors and the chatty locals always ready to tell a story are just some of the highlights of this truly ...

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