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Where to find the best delicacies in Jeju
Although Jeju is such a tiny island, it is packed full of specialty dishes. From rich black pork to abalones plucked fresh from the ocean by Jeju’s very own ‘mermaids’, there are plenty of delicacies to try. Here’s a selection of Jeju’s best dishes to whet your ...

4 famous traditional markets in South Korea
Traditional markets in Korea offer a variety of unique scenes every day. Marketplaces bustle with life, activities, and the voices of vendors bargaining with customers. These traditional markets provide a livelihood for many Koreans.

Discover coastal cities in South Korea
Surrounded by water, the Korean peninsula is outlined by a number of coastal cities that offer a welcome escape from everyday island life. Offering everything from sandy beaches to gorgeous seascapes, these coastal cities are the country’s most beautiful.

Do not miss these specialties in Jeju island, South Korea
Jeju island is off the coast of South Korea, known as the “Island Of the Gods”. Jeju Island is best known for being the home to many deep-diving women, or Haenyeos who would put on their wetsuits to dive into the sea for the freshest octopus, clams, squid, seaweed and ...

Come to Jeju Island and visit its traditional markets
The bustling and lively markets of Jeju are frequently visited by locals old and young, along with tourists eager to try Jeju specialty street foods. Here are some of the best traditional markets on the island.

5 most romatic destinations for couples in Jeju, South Korea
Located off Korea’s southern coast, Jeju is Korea’s largest island. It’s Korea’s unofficial ‘honeymoon capital’ and is a popular holiday destination for couples of all ages.

Guide to spring festivals in South Korea
When March comes, the cold subsides and plants begin to awaken and bloom, creating a sweet scent that can only be described as spring. In South Korea, a wide array of events celebrating the season can be found throughout the country.

Places to watch amazing cherry blossoms in South Korea
Spring is nearly coming, which means it’s time for cherry blossoms. This beautiful flower is the national flower of Japan, but you can spot them in South Korea as well.

Top unbeatable dishes in Jeju Island
Jeju Island is a volcanic island with a unique landscape that is home to a diversity of plant life that varies by elevation and numerous types of animals. There's no denying that Jeju Island has its own special culture. Isolated from the mainland, Jeju's ...

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