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Visiting Seoul in one day
Do you have a long layover in Seoul or are visiting for just a day? With a little bit of planning and determination, it’s absolutely possible to see the most popular attractions and experience a little bit of Korean culture in only 24 hours – here’s how!

The best Korean traditional desserts you have to try
Desserts from Korea are always known for their world-class taste and vibrant, colorful appeal. This is the collection of some of the most loved traditional Korean desserts. They are not just old and traditional, but also equally satisfying, and you wouldn’t understand ...

Top must-try South Korean food during winter
The temperature has dropped below zero in Korea, and the sun has checked out for the winter. In Korea, that means it is time to whip out the electric blanket and eat good winter food. Here are some of the most popular Korean winter food to eat around Korea.

Famous locations Korean drama fans should not miss
Korean dramas (affectionately known as K-dramas) have gained worldwide recognition over the last decade, with every streaming site racing to broadcast the latest episodes aired in Korea. If you’ve always dreamed of stepping into the shoes of your favorite Korean stars, ...

Challenge yourself with the spiciest Asian foods
Asia’s full of spicy foods, but it’s not a competition. Every country’s got its own take on hot and spicy foods, with so many different delightful ways to burn your tongue. Now for this list, we’re sticking mainly to spicy-yet-delicious recipes rather than the insane ...

The most beautiful parks in Daegu, Korea
Daegu is a city where nature and modernity collide. Whether you’re a jogger looking for a scenic running track, a photographer trying to capture spring in the city, or you just need an afternoon of relaxation under the sun, the green spaces of Daegu have something ...

Beautiful four seasons in Nami island, Korea
Nami Island has created a wonderland of sorts where one can marvel at natural beauty through its walking paths, landscaped gardens, and ponds. Part of popular TV drama Winter Sonata was set on this island. Let’s explore the beauty through four seasons of this ...

Where to go in Lotte World and its nearby attractions
Lotte World is a place where all visitors can play to their heart's content. The more you learn about the place beforehand, the more you’ll enjoy what Lotte World has to offer. Don’t miss out on the top thrill rides, photo zones and other must-see attractions ...

The amazing things to experience in Jeonju, South Korea
Jeonju is a town in central South Korea that is home to the largest Hanok Village in the country. Known as the cultural capital of Korea, its city slogan says here, you can “Feel Korea.”

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