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10 affordable Michelin starred restaurants in Thailand you must try
If a dish has a Michelin star next to its name, you can pretty much always trust it’s worth trying – at least once. For the thrifty traveller, a Michelin-star restaurant may seem like a frivolous splurge. However, there is no need to spend that much in a country ...

Top Michelin starred restaurants in Bali, Indonesia
With so many outstanding restaurants on the island it can be tricky to choose the best place to eat in Bali. If you only want the best of the best, turn to the trusted Michelin guide to help you decide. With the help of our list, discover the best Michelin-starred ...

7 Michelin starred restaurants in Taiwan
There’s nothing as sacred as a Michelin star in the world or fine cuisine, and it should come as little surprise in a region so passionate about food that Taiwan boasts quite a few. But even at this level of quality, there are some that stand slightly taller than the ...

7 affordable Michelin starred restaurants in Asia
Michelin Star restaurants usually remind us of fancy dining rooms with ridiculously expensive price. However, these Asia restaurants are changing the gastronomy game as they want to tell the world that "good foods don’t always have to be expensive".

Check out Hong Kong Michelin food guides
When it comes to food, Michelin stars are synonymous with quality. Most of the restaurants in the Michelin guide are upscale establishments so a Michelin-starred meal usually meant higher prices. Here are the most outstanding restaurants in Hong Kong that recommended.

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