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Halal restaurants you can find in Shanghai, China
Are you one of those who always bring an extra pack of instant noodles just so you won't go hungry without food in China? Here's a good news, there's an easier way to locate the nearest Halal restaurant.

Find the best Xiaolongbao in Shanghai
Thing that you shouldn't miss in Shanghai is trying Xiaolongbao, the little soup dumplings with humble origins. The brilliance of the dish is in its simplicity. It’s hard to mess up Xiaolongbao, but some chefs elevate the food to the status of art with their ...

5 markets in Shanghai you must visit once in your life
In this flourishing and prosperous city Shanghai, you’ll not only find modernly furnished shopping centers featuring designer labels, but markets devoted to traditional Chinese culture. Here’s the five best markets in Shanghai where you can experience Shanghainese ...

Best hotpot restaurants in Shanghai, China
Shanghai might be considered southern China, but in the depths of winter the chill really sets in. This is when locals make a beeline for hot pot restaurants, where vegetables, thinly-sliced meats and other goodies are cooked in a boiling, soupy brew. Here’s ...

Popular souvenirs to bring from Shanghai, China
Shanghai, the biggest city and trading hub of China, is a gateway to China culture. When you set foot in Shanghai, it is when you have gained access to all the best products China has to offer. Take a look inside and enjoy your gift shopping in Shanghai.

Visit 7 local markets in Shanghai, China
Shanghai is a shopping paradise in China. Although malls and shopping centers are becoming more popular, the majority of Shanghai residents still shop in markets.

Having breakfast like a local in Shanghai, China
There is a saying in Chinese that in the morning, you should eat breakfast till you’re full, you should eat lunch well, and eat less at dinner. Local residents very much take this saying to heart, and in the mornings can be founding loading up on their way to work with ...

What to do in Shanghai in 24 hours
One of China’s largest cities, Shanghai is a bustling metropolis and shopper’s paradise with iconic landmarks, centuries-old temples and cultural attractions. While you might only scratch the surface with a 24-hour visit, you’ll have the chance to experience a dose of ...

5 temples to visit in Shanghai, China
Even though Shanghai doesn't pop out as a city famous for its temples, there are a number of interesting monasteries and temples to visit in Shanghai and they make a nice quiet stop within a harried day of shopping and sightseeing.

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