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The art of banh trang, Vietnamese rice paper
Have you ever held a Vietnamese roll in your hand and wondered what it was made from? Your friend told you it was rice paper, banh trang, but you are 100 percent sure that you’ve been told that a couple of times before when you were eating totally different dishes. ...

The best street food to try in Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is one of the best places in Southeast Asia to go on food hunts, especially street food. Plan a trip to local street food markets and indulge in Malaysian delicacies!

Top Kolkata street foods that make your mouth water
Kolkata’s culinary scene is rich, vibrant and ever-rewarding to any food connoisseur. It isn’t just in traditional kitchens or legendary restaurants where you’ll witness the dynamism of Kolkata’s cuisine. Here are the best street food dishes you shouldn’t miss out ...

The best of Taiwanese street foods
The island of Taiwan is a melting pot of cuisines with local traditional dishes as well as influences from Japan and China forming a delicious mix of street foods and local eats. There are thousands of different street food joints to explore in Taiwan and they all have ...

Top places to eat street foods in Manila, Philippines
Street food in the Philippines is nothing short of delicious, offering a rich variety of flavours that will have you smacking your lips. With so much to choose from, here are the standouts to look out for on your Manila street food hunts.

Where to have the best street foods in Yangon, Myanmar
Street food in Yangon is arguably some of the best in all of Southeast Asia. Most visitors have found that street food vendors in Yangon are serving up dishes that visitors will not soon forget. Here is an insider’s guide to the best street food in Yangon.

9 best street foods you have to try in Georgetown, Penang
There are only three places in the world you should visit for food: Milan, Mazatlán, and Penang. One has bruschettas, another has fajitas, and the latter has nasi lemak. So here’s what foods you should try in Georgetown, Penang.

Top popular street food dishes in Singapore
Singapore may be among the world’s smallest countries, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with an astonishing culinary variety. Here are street food dishes that shouldn’t be missed.

Street foods that you must try in Jerusalem, Israel
A city rich in history and home to a medley of culinary traditions, Jerusalem is second to none when it comes to delicious street food. A unique balance between Eastern and Western influences, these dishes have become synonymous with the city and with Israeli culture.

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