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Best foods at Terminal 21 in Bangkok
Terminal 21 is a delightful shopping and dining mall in Bangkok. It has particular appeal for the younger generation of shoppers, specifically university students and young executives. Terminal 21 has it all. From intriguing decor to the best clothing stores all in one ...

What is the best Asian shaved ice dessert?
No matter where you are, a bowl of shaved ice as dessert is somewhat irresistible. So what’s the difference between all these shaved ice desserts that seem so popular across Asia? It seems many countries have their own version of it, but in principle, they all give ...

What to know before visiting Thailand during winter
Winter in Thailand is exactly what you need for sand, sunshine and beautiful photos. Here's what you need to know and pack to really enjoy winter in Thailand.

Top 5 floating markets in Asia
Floating markets are by far one of the main trademark attractions among Asian countries. The abundance of exotic goods sold directly from boats, the explosion of colors and the chatty locals always ready to tell a story are just some of the highlights of this truly ...

What to do and see in Mukdahan, Thailand
Mukdahan is a relatively small province on the outskirts of Thailand, bordering Laos with only a narrow stretch of the Mekong River sitting between them. Still unpopular with tourists, most foreign visitors are only passing through on a ‘visa run’ to Savannakhet in ...

Best places to see cherry blossom in Asia
Spring is one of the best times to travel to Asia, as the trees turn pink and cherry blossom leaves float through the wind. Japan and South Korea are two of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Asia, and there are many fascinating cities waiting to be discovered, ...

Where to try the best Thai Curry in Bangkok
In Bangkok, restaurant-goers have enough options to decipher when it comes to the type of curry they wish to devour. These are the best ones for you. Here are the top places to get the most delicious Thai curry in town.

Scuba diving in Krabi
If you’re staying on the idyllic Krabi coastline, you’ll have easy access to some of the best scuba diving sites in Thailand. Whether you want a fully-immersive liveaboard experience or just a day trip to some of the underwater sites, Krabi has many options for you.

Where to have best Pad Thai in Bangkok, Thailand
Ever wondered where to find the best Pad Thai in Bangkok? As no trip to Thailand would be complete without sampling the country’s most famous dish. The stir-fried rice noodle dish is hugely popular among foreign tourists and even CNN awarded it the number five ...

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