The best art destinations to visit in Singapore

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The best art destinations to visit in Singapore
Did you know that despite Singapore’s reputation for clean streets and strict rules, there is a flourishing street art scene? If you want to immerse yourself in the outdoor beauty of murals, street art in Singapore, below are some art destinations for you to visit.

  • Victoria Street

    Victoria StreetVictoria Street

    Fans of Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic‘s works do not have to go to Penang to see his art, he has several works, featuring his trademark images of local children playing, scattered along this stretch of road between Arab Street and Jalan Sultan in Singapore. The piece with an actual supermarket shopping cart is especially popular.

  • Amoy Street

    Amoy StreetAmoy Street

    Sketched by local artist Yip Yew Chong, the 40m-long colourful mural behind Thian Hock Keng temple stretches along Amoy Street. Yip beautifully illustrates the early lives of Hokkien immigrants. The work features seven different panels, including drawings of a modern Chinese wedding ceremony and the bustling kampong days.

  • Aliwal Street

    Aliwal StreetAliwal Street

    Pop into the alleyway behind the Aliwal Arts Centre and you will find an ever-changing canvas of works on the back walls. This is thanks mostly to local crew, who have a studio space in Aliwal Arts Centre alongside many of Singapore’s prominent performing arts groups. Pop over to Sultan Arts Centre across the street to find graffiti shop, The Blackbook Studio.

  • 222 Queen Street

    222 Queen Street222 Queen Street

    Art is in abundance in this district with the Singapore Art Museum, National Museum and various private galleries within a stone’s throw, but of biggest note to street art lovers is the long wall on the side of 222 Queen Street that connects to Waterloo Street. This long wall is an outdoor gallery for various street art projects, the latest being a collaborative project between Singaporean and Thai street artists.

  • Little India

    Little IndiaLittle India

    As you take in the sights and sounds of this culturally rich precinct, do not miss the street art that is very popular here. On Kerbau Road, you will find a rainbow cow mural that is udder-ly fitting. Kerbau, Malay for ‘buffalo’ played a huge part in the development of Little India and the artwork is a reminder of the area’s old cattle trading business.

  • Chinatown Complex

    Chinatown ComplexChinatown Complex

    Home to Singapore’s largest hawker centre and a sprawling market on its lower floors, the walls and pillars of Chinatown Complex and its surroundings showcase murals that depict the history of Chinatown and the daily lives of the Chinese immigrants living in Singapore. Most of these works are a result of student and community-led projects.

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