The best foods for the cold weather in Da Lat

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The best foods for the cold weather in Da Lat
Da Lat is a city of Lam Dong province, located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The perfectly cool climate of Da Lat and the romantic atmosphere has attracted many visitors looking for a quick weekend getaway from the crowded and hot cities. Da Lat is coming to its coldest season of the year. Here are the best foods that could warm you up.

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  • Chicken Hotpot - Lau Ga La E

    Chicken Hotpot - Lau Ga La EChicken Hotpot - Lau Ga La E

    When the sky of Da Lat is cold and dewy, sitting next to friends and enjoying a boiled chicken hotpot is truly a great thing. A pot of chicken hotpot costs about 200,000 VND including a half chicken, a spicy hotpot of chili peppers, served with vermicelli, oyster mushroom, a few of bamboo shoots and 1 dish of typical vegetables. Diners can enjoy this dish at famous places, Tao Ngo chicken hotpot.

  • Barbecue


    With a cool and chilly climate, barbecue is a great choice when coming to the fog country. Diners can enjoy barbecues in many places, from roadside shops, night markets to luxury restaurants. Barbecue here is a variety of fresh meats and seafood, served with very tasty clean vegetables. "Khoi BBQ" Da Lat is an appropriate suggestion for a fun evening with a friend's association with a hot and quality barbecue tray.

  • Beef Hotpot - Lau Bo

    Beef Hotpot - Lau BoBeef Hotpot - Lau Bo

    A hotpot flavor that is equally attractive on a cold day is beef hotpot. Big thick soft beef pieces, served with egg noodles and Da Lat green vegetables will bring warmth to diners. To enjoy this dish in the right way, you can visit Ba Toa beef hotpot, a fleshy hotpot for 4 people to eat here is charged reasonably of 250,000 VND.

  • Mini Pancake - Banh Can

    Mini Pancake - Banh CanMini Pancake - Banh Can

    This dish is a popular breakfast in Da Lat. It may have originated in Binh Thuan province, but after making its way to Da Lat, it became a part of the food culture here. Sitting next to a stove in a cold morning, watching the banh can lady pour the white mixture of rice powder in a pottery pancake pan, fill it with egg, shrimp or squid and frying it until the pancake is burned slightly, is a nostalgic sight. Normally, a dish of mini pancake have 10 – 12 pieces, and it is served with a bowl of broth, made of fish sauce, green onions, and meatballs. All you have to do is dip the cake in the broth and enjoy the harmony of flavors in your mouth.

  • Bread with Meatballs - Banh Mi Xiu Mai

    Bread with Meatballs - Banh Mi Xiu Mai Bread with Meatballs - Banh Mi Xiu Mai

    Like the name, banh mi xiu mai is simply a cup of soup with hot, fragrant and crispy bread. In a bowl of soup filled with meatballs, spring rolls, pork skin, a little fat and lots of onions. On a chilly day, nothing can be more perfect than holding a hot banh mi to make your hands warm, then breaking a piece of small bread, dipping into the soup, waiting for and giving it to your mouth, you will feel the sweetness of the bone, the aroma of spice, especially the hot spicy of chili, is sold by the seller in the broth before giving it to the guests, along with the light scent of scallions makes the cold morning air of Dalat seem warmer. This is the desired breakfast in Da Lat, which goes wonderfully with hot soya milk, the signature drink of Da Lat.

  • Vietnamese Pizza – Banh Trang Nuong

    Vietnamese Pizza – Banh Trang NuongVietnamese Pizza – Banh Trang Nuong

    Maybe it is the cool weather of Da Lat that makes any dish cooked on the coal stove become superstars. And Vietnamese Pizza is not an exception. People will put some other ingredients such as pork, green onions, quail eggs and dried shrimps on rice paper. Then they grill it and rotate it on the coal stove until done. Finally, they will cut it into small triangle pieces and serve with chili sauces. You can also choose to add cheese and sausage to your Vietnamese pizza. This is an addictive snack that you should try when you are in Da Lat.

  • Meat-Stuffed Snail - Oc Nhoi Thit

    Meat-Stuffed Snail - Oc Nhoi ThitMeat-Stuffed Snail - Oc Nhoi Thit

    A hot dish in Da Lat has made me passionate about gourmets. This snail dish needs meticulousness in stitching meat into the snail, because in addition to the meat, there is still snailed meat inside. In addition, the sauce is an integral part of this dish. The sauce is prepared according to its own recipe with a very specific flavor only Da Lat. Visitors can go to the restaurant at 33 Hai Ba Trung to enjoy this dish.

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