The best local ramen in Japan you must try

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The best local ramen in Japan you must try
Along with sushi, ramen is the Japanese food you’ll find on the must-eat list of nearly every traveler to Japan. Ramen is a noodle soup dish that was originally imported from China and has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan in recent decades.

  • Tsukemen (Hiroshima)

    Tsukemen (Hiroshima)Tsukemen (Hiroshima)

    One of Hiroshima’s original dishes is Hiroshima tsukemen, noodles and broth served in different bowls. Tsukemen is a noodle dish that’s best described as “soupless ramen”. It’s made with the same noodles and toppings as ramen, but rather than soup, the ingredients are served with a bowl of concentrated dipping sauce on the side. In Hiroshima, the dipping sauce is a hot and spicy soup flavored with fiery red chilies, which can be customized to your preferred spice level.

  • Hakata Ramen (Fukuoka)

    Hakata Ramen (Fukuoka)Hakata Ramen (Fukuoka)

    Ramen is one of Japan’s most-loved dishes. Perhaps the most well-known food to come out of Fukuoka is Hakata ramen. Hakata ramen is a local ramen dish that features thin noodles in a thick, creamy tonkotsu soup, topped with slices of chashu. The soup is made by boiling bones from every part of the pig for a gelatinous stock with a powerful scent and flavor. Moreover, Hakata ramen is a distinct type of ramen with pork bone broth and thin straight egg noodles. It has become one of the most popular styles of ramen, not only in Japan but around the world.

  • Sanma-men (Kanagawa)

    Sanma-men (Kanagawa)Sanma-men (Kanagawa)

    Sanma-men is a Chinese-influenced ramen dish that originated in the Yokohama Chinatown area, where workers would cook for themselves using whatever leftover ingredients they had on hand. The result was a dish of stir-fried pork and vegetables, typically bean sprouts and cabbage served in a thick salt or soy sauce-based soup over noodles.

  • Miso Curry Milk Ramen (Aomori)

    Miso Curry Milk Ramen (Aomori)Miso Curry Milk Ramen (Aomori)

    Miso curry milk ramen is Aomori’s local style of ramen, which was inspired by miso ramen from Sapporo. It’s made by adding curry powder and miso bean paste to a milk-based soup broth and is topped with pork, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, and wakame seaweed, along with a pat of butter. The thick wavy noodles have a chewy texture that stands up well to the flavorful soup.

  • Miso Butter Ramen (Hokkaido)

    Miso Butter Ramen (Hokkaido)Miso Butter Ramen (Hokkaido)

    If you need warming up and looking for things to eat in Hokkaido, miso butter ramen is just the dish. A richly flavored style of ramen noodles that originated in Sapporo, it’s made with a soup base of red miso paste combined with chicken or pork bone broth. The noodles used in Sapporo ramen are thick and wavy and served slightly chewy. They’re joined by popular local ingredients like fresh Hokkaido butter and sweet corn, and even extravagant seafood toppings such as scallops and crab.

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