The best places to catch sunset in Bagan, Myanmar

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The best places to catch sunset in Bagan, Myanmar
Bagan, the most famous tourist attraction in Myanmar is the home of more than 3000 pagodas and temples. Bagan is famous for its amazingly gorgeous sunset and the image of sunset behind the plain of Bagan is mesmerizing. Here is the list of best places to view Sunset there.

  • North Guni Temple

    North Guni TempleNorth Guni Temple

    This underrated temple in the evening becomes one of the best options to watch sunset from. Unlike many of the other bigger temples, its small passages and hallways are unblocked. Therefore, it is possible to explore the whole temple, and make your way to the very top. The higher you get, the better the view.

    Look for the small hidden passages inside the corner pillars and go up to the 7th floor. As soon as you get up there, a sight that many fall in love with.

  • Thisa Wadi Temple

    Thisa Wadi TempleThisa Wadi Temple

    The view from Thisa Wadi's upper deck stretches out to the west and south, with the golden spire of Dhammayazika immediately visible from nearby. Inside Thisa Wadi, the white-washed Buddha images wait for wealthy sponsors to cover them in gold leaf.

  • Shwesandaw Pagoda

    Shwesandaw PagodaShwesandaw Pagoda

    Another Bagan temple that is quite popular for both sunrise and sunset is Shwesandaw Pagoda. It gives uninterrupted views of the vast plain and is a great spot to watch the balloons slowly rise in the distance. Better find yourself the temple location, get up early and drive ebike to be here real quick, then find a good spot, otherwise, you will have to fight for the chance to snap a photos as many people will be here for the sunrise too.

  • The Irrawaddy river

    The Irrawaddy riverThe Irrawaddy river

    Hiring a boat is another option. This is where you can have your own private space to watch the vivid sunset view. Hire a boat from the jetty in Old Bagan, but more likely the boat owner will find you.

    The sunsets behind the river, so there will be no temples in this shot, but the view focuses on the wide dramatic sky of Bagan. Clouds turn a pinkish colour, while the sun reflects off the river with a fiery shade of orange. Apart from the river and the sunset, while on the boat you will also discover the riverside temples and villages, including the local peoples’ long legged wooden houses roofed with palm leaves. A peaceful way to end your great day.

  • Ta Wet Hpaya

    Ta Wet HpayaTa Wet Hpaya

    Ta Wet Hpaya is a secret temple located in the middle of the Bagan Archaeological zone, making it a great Bagan temples to admire sunrise and sunset. If you could manage to get up early (about 5am), you will only share the sunrise with a few other people (the sames goes for the sunset).

    It is quite difficult to find the temple since it is well off the main road. So check the map below for the exact location. After parking, pass through the archway and enter the temple on the left side. The stairs up are on the left side inside the temple.

  • Bagan Hotel River View

    Bagan Hotel River ViewBagan Hotel River View

    Good sunset views are not only possible from temples and pagodas in Bagan. For those guests who are not able to visit the temples at sunset, this can be another option. Bagan Hotel River View is located in Old Bagan, on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. Come and enjoy the view in the evening and watch the sunset over the hills on the other side of the river while relaxing in a deck chair with a glass of wine.

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