The best places to go shopping in Singapore

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The best places to go shopping in Singapore
Singapore is a paradise for must-have international fashion, trendy bazaars and a whole lot more. Indulge in heritage brands and uncover the local design scene, led by homegrown and internationally-recognised designers and trendsetters.

If you have a passion for what is in vogue, here is the place for you where has various goods or items such as stylemeisters, sneakerheads, designers, trend setter, etc.
  • Orchard Road

    Orchard RoadOrchard Road

    Surrounded by local and international department stores, boutiques, and mega malls on both the ends, Orchard Road is the most famous spot for best shopping in Singapore. From budget apparel and electronics to high-end fashion labels and housewares, you can find everything under one roof.

    The alfresco spots along the road, and the buskers and performing artists on the sidewalks add on to the vibrancy of this place, making it a unique experience for you.

  • VivoCity


    VivoCity is the largest shopping mall in Singapore, and in a country bursting to the seams with the things, that is quite a title to hold. Running true to its ‘lifestyle centre’ marketing tag, VivoCity boasts 15 cinema screens, a rooftop amphitheatre, an open-air playground, an art gallery and a plethora of restaurants and bars, all alongside a never-ending list of high street stores and outlets.

  • China Town Market

    China Town MarketChina Town Market

    This market area is one of the most fascinating and best shopping places in Singapore for those on a budget. Just a short walk from the downtown area, you will find the lively district of Chinatown. With its bright lights, colorful decorations, and delicious smells, shopping becomes an adventure here. Walk around and between the stalls and shops, and discover everything from cheap souvenirs and traditional clothing to gorgeous fabric and amazing food. Get something to munch on, do some bargaining, and don’t forget to check out the surrounding beautiful antique architecture.

  • Holland Village

    Holland VillageHolland Village

    If you are wondering ‘what to shop in Singapore’, Holland Village is the ideal place to visit. Made-in-Asia wearables, trinkets, Crocs footwear, arts and crafts, carpets, antiques, home furnishings, and the list of things you can buy here is endless.

  • Little India (Serangoon Road)

    Little India (Serangoon Road)Little India (Serangoon Road)

    With its abundance of radiant colours, exotic sounds and intriguing smells, Little India stands out like a sore thumb in a city often dismissed as being just a giant metropolis of skyscrapers and malls. The main strip along Serangoon Road is where you will find all the rough and ready clothes stores, packed-out electronics shops, traditional Indian fabric and dress stores, and of course, it would not be Little India without row upon row of delicious curry houses.

  • Bugis Street

    Bugis StreetBugis Street

    In the neighborhood of Bugis, you will find not only two large shopping malls but also a crowded street market. The air-conditioned malls house famous retail chains on the bottom floors and small local boutiques on the upper levels. At the market among the cramped stalls and crowded aisles, you will find cheap copies of the latest Asian fashion trends as well as a variety of candy, fresh fruit, and plastic shoes.

  • The shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

    The shoppes at Marina Bay SandsThe shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

    As part of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands complex, this luxury shopping mall is worth a look even if you are not passionate about shopping. Its spectacular architecture is enough to impress alone, with giant glass windows, vast open atriums and a central water feature all very pleasing on the eye. After perusing the many shops which range from high street names to designer brands, visitors can head up to the 57th store for a stunning view of the bay.

  • Haji Lane

    Haji LaneHaji Lane

    For an extraordinary experience of best street shopping places in Singapore, the famous narrow street of Haji Lane is the perfect place to be. The cute vintage stores and boutiques in this Arab Quarter offer an interesting mix of clothes, accessories, and vintage cameras. From quirky designs to unusual and bright colours, you will spot everything here. In fact, it is the best place in the country to hunt for the most unique things.

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