The best places to take photos in Hong Kong

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The best places to take photos in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, gleaming glass towers are one of the photogenic skylines on the earth. The scene is really fascinated with many markets and Buddhist temples located side by side with dim sum joints and global banks. Moreover, hiking trails and white sand beaches are its highlights too.

  • Quarry Bay Park

    Quarry Bay ParkQuarry Bay Park

    This quiet waterfront park in Quarry Bay offers a gorgeous view of East Kowloon across the harbor. As one of the city’s lesser-known parks, it is relatively uncrowded and your shot will not be obstructed by hordes of passersby.

  • Sai Wan Swimming Shed

    Sai Wan Swimming ShedSai Wan Swimming Shed

    Getting to Sai Wan Swimming Shed is easy, though be forewarned. Visit on a weekend and you will find yourself queuing up on the bridge behind a horde of eager photographers. You can wait in line, but if you are alone then I recommend heading up the steps for a bird’s-eye view. Take advantage of the people on the bridge, including some figures in your shot will add interest to your image. Try shooting with a wide-angle camera to exaggerate the depth and relative size.

  • Yick Fat Building

    Yick Fat BuildingYick Fat Building

    One of the most famous and coolest photo spots in Hong Kong is the Yick Fat Building, also known as Montane Mansion. Montane Mansion is the name of the block of five packed residential buildings in Quarry Bay.

    This place was built back in the 60s and is a great example of the tight urban architecture of Hong Kong. The Yick Fat Building is the most famous spot for photos in Hong Kong among photographers, and the best pictures are captured from below.

  • Hong Kong Skyline

    Hong Kong SkylineHong Kong Skyline

    The Hong Kong skyline needs no introduction. It is vast, majestic and stunning. Hong Kong is also prone to the occasional tropical storm, and if you get your timing right you can capture a breathtaking moment. The rooftop terrace of the Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay or any other spot with a panoramic skyline view will present you with a great opportunity to flex your photography skills.

  • Central Pier No. 9/No. 10

    Central Pier No. 9/No. 10Central Pier No. 9/No. 10

    If you are taking Hong Kong’s iconic Star Ferry from Central, you might as well drop by Piers 9 and 10. These public piers are docking points for private junks, which means they are much less frequently used than the ferry-servicing piers and a great artistic hotspot.

  • Choi Hung Estate

    Choi Hung EstateChoi Hung Estate

    This public housing estate located in Wong Tai Sin is distinctive for its Instagram-worthy facade of rainbow panels which is fitting, considering that ‘Choi Hung’ means ‘rainbow.

  • Tai O Fishing Village

    Tai O Fishing VillageTai O Fishing Village

    If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, one option to consider is the Tai O Fishing Village. Mangroves, houses built upon stilts, and excursions to see the endangered pink dolphins are some of the many lures this small village on Lantau Island has to offer.

    With a practically never-ending promenade, photographers often try to capture an image that gives the illusion of a vanishing point. If you happen to be at Tai O during ‘golden hour’, you can use the mountains as a backdrop to create stunning silhouettes.

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