The best street markets in Bandung, Indonesia

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The best street markets in Bandung, Indonesia
Wrapped in thick layers of majestic mountains and chilly highlands, Bandung is a quaint city of Indonesia. From mythical misty volcanoes, pleasant climate, to acres of luscious tea plantations, Bandung is booming metropolis with unconventional adventures.

Besides its glorious nature and fantastic culinary scene, this South East Asian city takes pride of its shopping scene which will leave your shopping bags with happy hearts but not necessarily an empty wallet. Whether you are a shopaholic or not, Bandung’s numerous shopping options will attract you into shopping spree. Here is a list of best street markets in Bandung that offer you authentic shopping experience.
  • Cihampelas


    One of the most-visited areas in town, Cihampelas Street is inhabited entirely by shops and outlets. If you are on a budget or simply want to get more stuff with your money, this is the place to go. With the rows of shops, you can find anything from quality jeans to cheap t-shirts, jerseys to accessories. If afterwards you still fancy more shopping from familiar, branded stores, head to Cihampelas Walk Mall that is also in the area.

  • Cibaduyut


    Cibaduyut is one of Bandung's most popular fashion spots that will not disappoint you. What separates Cibaduyut from other markets is that it is known as the center for leather shoes, not just in West Java but in Indonesia. Most products in Cibaduyut are handcrafted and locally made, yet with good quality and durability. Do not forget to bargain if you want to get a fair price.

    If you cannot find the shoes or the size you like, you can ask for one-of-a-kind custom leather shoes made to suit your taste! The custom shoes is usually done in one or two weeks. You can have it delivered to your address. Even President Joko Widodo shops here!

  • Gasibu Sunday Market

    Gasibu Sunday MarketGasibu Sunday Market

    Located in front of the iconic Gedung Sate, Gasibu Sunday Market pops up on every Sunday. The whole street from the city park to the famous battle monument is flooded with sellers and shoppers. Do not fret to bargain here. You can buy all kinds of products from clothing, toys, books, to electronics. Besides shopping, Gasibu Sunday Market is great spot for breakfast if you’re street food lover.

  • Simpang Dago

    Simpang DagoSimpang Dago

    The street of Dago is one of the liveliest areas in Bandung. Many of the city’s best hotels, restaurants, shops, and outlets are located in this neighbourhood. But at one end of the road known as Simpang Dago, things get even more interesting. The Simpang Dago market is always busy, either with people buying groceries for the day, or youths scouring the area for good street food at night, when the market transforms into a culinary destination.

  • Jatayu Flea Market

    Jatayu Flea MarketJatayu Flea Market

    Established in 1957, Jatayu Flea Market is popular for good quality and affordable products. With little skills in bargaining and selection, you can get good quality goods at dirt cheap prices. About 70 percent of traders sell engineering tools. Most of the products in sale are secondhand and still worth purchasing.

  • Gang Tamim

    Gang TamimGang Tamim

    Still on the fashion department, this alley is a popular shopping destination specializing in denim. The shops sell all kinds of jeans in all variants, colors, and creations. And if you still cannot find the perfect piece of clothing for you, talk to the shopkeepers about making your own, custom-made jeans and they will arrange it for you. Beyond jeans, some shops also sell shirts and other fabrics to go with your brand new, quality jeans.

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