The best things to do in Kuching, Malaysia

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The best things to do in Kuching, Malaysia
Kuching, Malaysia is a city often overlooked by travelers to the island of Borneo. With its rich history, delicious food, and friendly locals, Kuching is an inviting and welcoming place. Unlike many cities in Asia, it is not overly built up or flooded with tourists. It still has an incredibly local, mellow feel that has long since left other more popular Asian cities.

  • Admire the Grand Kuching City Mosque

    Admire the Grand Kuching City MosqueAdmire the Grand Kuching City Mosque

    A small wooden mosque once occupied the site of today’s Kuching City Mosque for more than a century until the present structure opened in 1968. Combining elements of Western, Italian and contemporary Islamic styles with shiny golden domes, the mosque makes an idyllic photograph. Non-Muslims can enter outside of prayer times. Enjoy the view of Kuching City Mosque, formerly the State Mosque of Sarawak, from the river at sunset.

  • Visit the Sarawak Cultural Village

    Visit the Sarawak Cultural VillageVisit the Sarawak Cultural Village

    Just a 35 minute drive outside of Kuching will take you to the Sarawak Cultural Village where you can learn all about the different indigenous groups that live in this part of Malaysia, as well as take in a range of local crafts and buildings.

    There are live demonstrations which will teach you ancient techniques such as weaving, bamboo carving, and bead making and you can also tour this model village and check out all the architecture. Just some of the sights on offer include a traditional Chinese farmhouse as well as a Penan hut, Iban longhouses, and a Malanau Tall House and the site sprawls over 17 acres so there is a huge amount to see and do here if you fancy an easy day trip out of the center of Kuching.

  • Spend the day at Damai Beach

    Spend the day at Damai BeachSpend the day at Damai Beach

    Damai Beach, located approximately one hour from Kuching, has some of the most impressive views in Borneo. The sandy beach overlooks the South China Sea against the backdrop of dense jungle and Mount Santubong. Damai Beach Resort maintains the space in excellent condition, providing a romantic spot for the sunset.

  • Enjoy the Kuching Waterfront

    Enjoy the Kuching WaterfrontEnjoy the Kuching Waterfront

    Kuching's waterfront is extremely pleasant and safe to stroll at night, particularly around sunset as the call to prayer reverberates across the river.

    The well-maintained walkway has a few carts selling snacks and sweet drinks, plus benches for sitting to take in the view. Local buskers and street musicians sometimes perform along the way. You can cross the river by boat for a small fee to explore the new walkway on the other side. Sunset river cruises are available at stations along the waterfront.

  • Check out the Cat Museum

    Check out the Cat MuseumCheck out the Cat Museum

    Kuching means cat in Malay, and as you will soon discover on a trip here, this is a city obsessed with cats. To that end, make your way to the Cat Museum where you will learn all about the historical and cultural significance of these felines with over 2,000 cat-related exhibits on show.

    Some of the highlights include a cat in mummified form that hails from Egypt and is said to date back 5,000 years as well as a mounted example of a Bay Cat which is a kind of wild feline that is indigenous to the island of Borneo. As if all of that was not enough, there are even sections dedicated to the story of Hello Kitty as well as the Broadway show Cats.

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