The diverse cuisine in Southeast Asia

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The diverse cuisine in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia is a diverse and fascinating cultural crossroads that forms both a geographic a culinary link between Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Southeast Asian cuisine is famous throughout the world. And if truth be told, it's one of the main memories for many people who travel to Southeast Asia.

  • Vietnam


    Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most fascinating parts of the country’s culture. It is complex, dynamic and often surprising – but never boring. Vietnamese cuisine is particular although most of the dishes have rooted from China but are added and improved by Vietnamese generations to be typical and light.

  • Banh mi

    Banh miBanh mi

    If you’re planning on traveling to Vietnam, the one sandwich you will hear about and will not want to miss is the Bánh Mì sandwich. This famous Vietnamese sandwich has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s best sandwich. Banh mi consists of Vietnamese baguettes with fillings of meat and vegetables, sometimes with rousong and often with chili sauce or mayonnaise.

  • Pho


    Pho is not only the most popular breakfast in Vietnam but is also internationally renowned as a symbol of Vietnamese gastronomy. Thousands of Pho stores deliver thousands of taste, that’s why some Pho stores are much more well-known than the rest, and the mystery hidden in the broth of Pho.

    Pho can be made with beef or chicken, with the accompanying rice noodle and broth. The broth is the most distinctive feature of the dish, made from simmering the beef or chicken bones with seasoning and spices. And as with all Vietnamese noodle dishes, Pho is usually served with herbs and vegetables, as well as chili sauce.

  • Thailand


    Thailand is world-famous for its mouthwatering cuisine and for good reason. Thai dish is known for its unique combinations of seasoning. The key to cooking any Thai dish lies in perfectly balancing the five key flavors - sour, bitter, salty, sweet and spicy, which takes skills to master. Each Thai dish is therefore never dull, always bringing in the much-needed punch to your palate. Although it is hot and spicy, Thai cooking is carefully balanced to bring out all the different flavors in a dish.

  • Pad Thai

    Pad ThaiPad Thai

    Pad Thai is one of Thailand's national dishes and is a go-to for tourists who are starting out their Thai cuisine exploration. Pad Thai is a fried noodle dish that is usually made with shrimp or chicken, however, the vegetarian option is popular too. Pad Thai is available on almost every street corner and is a cheap and tasty meal.

  • Khao soi

    Khao soiKhao soi

    Known as the quintessential dishes of Northern Thailand, this smoky, coconut curry has a distinct taste when compared to other Thai curries and that is because it originally came from Burma. The use of herbs and spices gives it a flavor akin to Indian cuisine, especially the use of cardamom and turmeric. It can be made with different meats but is most often seen with chicken, owing to its Burmese Muslim roots.

  • Malaysia


    Just like the country itself, Malaysian cuisine is also rich and diverse. Influenced by China and India, there is no shortage of flavor in the cooking. The whole country is full of amazing dishes, from main dishes even to street foods.

  • Nasi Lemak

    Nasi LemakNasi Lemak

    Nasi lemak, literally ‘fat rice’, is comprised of coconut rice, prawn sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts, cucumber slices, and ayam rendang. There might be variations with regards to the accompaniments, but the rice, cucumber, and peanuts are pretty much staple.

  • Roti Canai

    Roti CanaiRoti Canai

    This light flatbread is a staple in the street-side mamak of Malaysia. A serving of roti canai is accompanied by three dipping sauces of varying levels of spiciness. Those who are not fond of chilli are advised to try this roti with inoffensive bean dahl.

  • Indonesia


    With over 17,000 islands in the archipelago, it is not surprising that the food in Indonesia is as diverse as the people. Native spices such as nutmeg and cloves turn otherwise-lackluster dishes into something you will crave for months after.

  • Nasi Goreng

    Nasi GorengNasi Goreng

    An ever-popular and versatile recipe, you can encounter the Indonesian fried rice anywhere from humble street food carts to high-end restaurants. The curious combination of savory taste, sweetness, spiciness, and appetizing greasiness make up a distinctive meal that is surprisingly simple to make. Nasi goreng uses Indonesian palm sweet soy, white rice, and whatever ingredients they can think of or are conveniently available — vegetables, egg, chicken, sausage, mutton, stink bean, and many more.

  • Satay


    Satay is meat skewers that are cooked over coals. These juicy skewers are usually served with rice cakes (ketupat) with peanut sauce poured all over the satay. It is a national dish conceived by street vendors and has been one of the most celebrated foods in Indonesia. It is practically everywhere and highly addictive.

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