The great destinations to relax near Mount Fuji, Japan

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The great destinations to relax near Mount Fuji, Japan
Mt. Fuji, which was recently selected as a World Cultural Heritage site, is not only beautiful to look at, but a great mountain to climb. Below are great spots to visit near Mount Fuji.

  • Oike Park

    Oike ParkOike Park

    Oike Park is a beautiful park home to a great number of poplar trees and magnificent views of Mt. Fuji on the south side and Lake Kawaguchi on the north. Relatively close to tourist attractions, such as the Yamanashi Gem Museum and Kawaguchiko Herb Hall, the park is perfect to take a break in between sightseeing and have lunch amidst nature.

    Oike Park gives you access to the lakeshore so you can bring the kids to play in the water during summer. From mid-January to mid-February, the park serves as the stage for Kawaguchiko Winter Fireworks, attracting a lot of people.

  • Lake Kawaguchi

    Lake KawaguchiLake Kawaguchi

    Out of all the tourist spots in the surrounding area, Lake Kawaguchi has the best access, and it has a spot from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji. You can also enjoy taking a stroll along the banks of the lake.

  • Aokigahara Forest

    Aokigahara ForestAokigahara Forest

    Aokigahara Forest is also known as ‘suicide forest’. There was a movie, The Forest, produced about it too but fret not it was only a work of fiction! If you ask me, a myth will remain as a myth until you experience it yourself. Hence, no reason to scare yourself with such stories and stopping yourself from discovering amazing places if you are someone who craves an adventure.

  • Kawaguchi-ko Music Forest Museum

    Kawaguchi-ko Music Forest MuseumKawaguchi-ko Music Forest Museum

    Nestled amidst the beautiful landscape that surrounds Lake Kawaguchi, you can find Kawaguchi-Ko Music Forest Museum, a one-of-a-kind theme park dedicated to music where you will marvel at the sound of an incredible collection of automatic musical instruments. Whether you only have time for a 1-hour visit or you have the whole day available, the museum has more than enough to surprise you. With typical western-style architecture and colorful flowers adorning its grounds, the park has the atmosphere of a small European town.

    If you only have time for a quick visit, you should go straight to the exhibition areas. Here you will find one of the largest dance organs in the world, not to mention the superb collection of automatic musical instruments, which includes an orchestrion originally designed for the Titanic.

  • Oshino Hakkai

    Oshino HakkaiOshino Hakkai

    Oshino Hakkai is the name given to a number of ponds where water from the thawed snow of Mt. Fuji gushes out. Located between Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Yamanaka in a place which used to be a lake, the crystal clear water filtered over decades of flowing through the mountain is a spectacular sight to see.

  • Saiko Wild Bird’s Park

    Saiko Wild Bird’s ParkSaiko Wild Bird’s Park

    Saiko Wild Bird’s Park is home to some 60 species of wild birds, such as the varied tit and the Japanese white-eye. The park is free of charge and offers you a chance to go bird watching from up close. There are bird tables placed throughout the park, and you can buy some bird food at the visitor center, called Jukai Gallery, and feed them directly from your hand!

    The center has an exhibition containing information about the animals you find in the region and a bird watching room equipped with telescopes. Here you will also find many workshops that teach about different types of craftwork, including how to build birdhouses. One last feature that makes this park a great place to come with the whole family is the annexed area for barbecues.

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