The great places to experience snow in Asia

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The great places to experience snow in Asia
Have you ever dreamed of building a snowman and walking in a winter wonderland? If you want to have your own Elsa moment this winter, you can pack your bags right now.

  • Sapa, Vietnam

    Sapa, VietnamSapa, Vietnam

    Being surrounded by many top summer destinations like Bali, Phuket, and Boracay, it may come as a surprise to you that Vietnam also experiences snow. Even though snowboards and toboggans are not commonplace to Vietnam, you will surely fall in love when what used to be green fields of rice in summer turn to white during the winter.

  • Putao, Myanmar

    Putao, MyanmarPutao, Myanmar

    Another country in Southeast Asia where you can experience snow is Myanmar. Famous for Bagan and Inle Lake, pictured above, what might not be so well-known are its snowcapped mountain ranges. Putao, located in the northernmost town of Kachin State, is a dream place for nature lovers.
    Aside from mountain climbing, you can also try river rafting at the famous Malikha River.

  • Yongpyong, South Korea

    Yongpyong, South KoreaYongpyong, South Korea

    An ideal place to go if you are looking for some ice adventure in Asia is Yongpyong, South Korea. This place has a lot to offer for those who are looking to go skiing or snowboarding. You will find a trendy ski resort on the slopes on Mount Balwang. Some other popular activities here include floodlit night skiing and a cross-country hiking. Just like in Sapporo, they also hold a snow festival every February.

  • The Hymalayas mountain range

    The Hymalayas mountain rangeThe Hymalayas mountain range

    The Hymalayas is a landmark of the earth. This mountain range is the most famous and also the most beautiful mountains in the world. Dates back to 80 million years ago when dinosaurs still exist, The Hymalayas is the youngest and highest of its kind. It is so big that the broad ranges mainly cover the lands of Pakistan, Indian, Nepal, China, Tibet, up to Bhutan. This means you can witness its beauty from these countries with snow all year round.

  • Harbin, China

    Harbin, ChinaHarbin, China

    Harbin is the northern major city in China and it is famous for its ice festival. If you do not fear cold of winter, you can choose going to Harbin for a travel. It has glorious history, is a famous city integrated Chinese and foreign culture. Russia garden with Russia style and the Yabuli ski center is the tourist attraction which you must have a look.

  • Beijing, China

    Beijing, ChinaBeijing, China

    Beijing is a unique winter holiday destination and its winter highlights bring you the very best of the season with the Longqingxia Ice Lantern Festival, Snow Ski, Hot Spring Spa, Spring Festival and many more. This is the right place to plan your winter holiday in Beijing.

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