The ideal Asian countries to visit in September

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The ideal Asian countries to visit in September
If you have been researching where to go in Asia in September, you probably already know that most of the famous destinations such as Bangkok and Phuket are extremely hot and also very rainy this month. That is true in most of Southeast Asia as well, but there are some good places with very little rain to consider instead.

  • Vietnam


    Crazy traffic, crusty banh mi and the claustrophobic Cu Chi Tunnels, just a few of the things that make Vietnam a great fun place to visit. Whilst parts of the country are delightful year-round, September is the perfect time for exploring the far north and south. Days tend to be warm and sunny, and any tropical downpours are often short-lived. Be warned though, as Hue is heading into the height of its wet season now.

    Sapa is stunning in September and offers up the ideal trekking conditions in order to enjoy amazing views of its famous golden rice terraces. Ha Noi should top your must-see list, you will not be able to help falling in love with the infectious energy and fascinating history here. Ha Long Bay is best cruised during spring and autumn, due to the promise of clear skies, and Da Lat is a brilliant place to unwind before experiencing the buzz of Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Singapore


    Singapore is just barely north of the equator, and it is hot and fairly humid every day of the year. September is not one of the rainier months, although it is not one of the dryer months either. The good news is that this is a very modern and well organized city that is built for the heat and rain, so it is easy to stay dry and cool most of time.

  • Uzbekistan


    This Central Asian nation offers the ideal opportunity to move away from the mainstream and into the unknown country. Get ready to witness it all, craggy landscapes, surprisingly cosmopolitan cities, distinctive culture, ornate Islamic architecture, unrivalled local hospitality and more. It will take just a few days for Uzbekistan to steal your heart.

    Head to Tashkent for a taste of its Soviet past and to sample a modern twist on local Uzbek cuisine. Stop off at Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva to be awed by soaring minarets and mind-blowing mosaics. Follow in the footsteps of ancient merchants on a journey along a stretch of the Silk Road. And shop for silk paintings, intricate embroidery work, delicate pottery and antiques in the country’s many markets.

  • Nepal


    Autumn is the ideal time of year to visit Nepal. In early September, you might still encounter the odd shower, but the skies are usually clear and the visibility excellent. The landscapes are green and full of colour, so expect to be taking plenty of photos.

    Temperatures are pleasantly warm without the heat and humidity of the monsoon months and exploring eons-old temples and bustling markets is a breeze. Some hiking trails remain muddy and damaged by the monsoon rains and if you want to visit higher altitude trails around places like Namche Bazaar, you might want to wait until October.

  • South Korea

    South KoreaSouth Korea

    South Korea, a place of futuristic cities and serene Buddhist temples, vibrant markets and wildly diverse terrain. Whilst spring in this corner of Eastern Asia comes dusted with the palest pink cherry blossoms, Autumn brings with it the most remarkable red and orange hues, making it a special time to travel. The milder temperatures and a slim chance of rain are also perfect for exploring on foot.

    If you fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie, make sure you check out the budding craft brewery scene in Busan. Organise a pitstop in Jeonju, the country’s food capital, for a plate of their famous bibimbap. Try a taste of the local KFC (or Korean Fried Chicken) in Seoul and visit the traditional produce markets in Gyeongju.

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