The most unique hotels and resorts in Thailand

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The most unique hotels and resorts in Thailand
It is no doubt that Thailand is a major destination considering the many beautiful beaches, year-round tropical weather, great food, and the budget friendliness aspect. As a big tourist haven, Thailand offers an impressive collection of hotels and resorts.

How to choose the best places to stay when traveling to Thailand? Here are the most unique places to stay all around Thailand you can try.
  • Baanphasawan, Kanchanaburi

    Baanphasawan, KanchanaburiBaanphasawan, Kanchanaburi

    In a remote part of Kanchanaburi province, Baanphasawan is a true visual delight. Situated close to the border with Myanmar, the funky resort offers heaps of peace and quiet. There is little to do in the surrounding area except enjoying nature and the great outdoors. There are few tourist facilities, and the nearest town is almost 30 kilometres away. So, why would people want to stay here?

    The resort itself is the pull factor, offering high standards of service and high-class amenities. Many of the charming chalets are contained within a giant fruit or vegetable! Larger-than-life durians, mangoes, pineapples, dragon fruit, mushrooms, rambutan, apples, and more dot the resort. There are also cute wooden cabins and cave-like accommodations, and you will even find awesome little tree houses. All are en-suite and very comfortable.

  • Keemala Treehouse

    Keemala TreehouseKeemala Treehouse

    Start with local history, incorporate seriously creative design, add a big dash of luxurious style and you have got Keemala Treehouse. The treehouses are inspired by the stories of the ancient Keemala clans. Each cottage or bungalow reflects the manner and culture of the specific clan, highlighting the importance of the traits they believed in.

    With four different options to choose from, there is a bungalow fit for couples, friends or groups traveling together. These spacious, one or two-story pods each have their own pool and spectacular view.

  • Bangkok Tree House

    Bangkok Tree HouseBangkok Tree House

    Located on an artificial river island, the eco-friendly Bangkok Tree House is a great way to experience nature and step into the (small and artificial) jungle without venturing too far away from the Thai capital. Plants grow in almost every available space, including in vertical gardens up the walls. The regular rooms have large windows and plenty of light. Modern and comfortable, their lofty position among the trees offers great views of the river.

    For a unique stay, however, try the open-air pavilion. The round wooden platform is open to the elements, with a double sleeping area under a mosquito net to keep creepy crawlies at bay. Opaque curtains are available too, though, if you require more privacy.

  • Big Joey County Resort, Saraburi

    Big Joey County Resort, SaraburiBig Joey County Resort, Saraburi

    In the Central Thai province of Saraburi, the area of Muak Lek is widely considered to be a cowboy country. It is not quite like the Wild West, but Big Joey County Resort centres itself wholeheartedly around the cowboy theme. Think wagon wheels, carts, wigwams, feather headdresses, bows and arrows, and Native American artwork.
    Almost like a small cowboy town in the heart of nature, the resort has teepees, stone dwellings, and replicated Mexican-style buildings among its accommodation options. Camping is also possible. Variety really is the spice of life here!

    The resort regularly holds cowboy-themed events and evenings. There is an onsite restaurant, complete with a stern Indian chief keeping a watchful eye over diners. The grounds are leafy and expansive, and numerous activities are available right at your fingertips.

  • Red Rose Hotel, Chiang Rai

    Red Rose Hotel, Chiang RaiRed Rose Hotel, Chiang Rai

    More of a love motel than a hotel proper, this seedy underside does not detract from the awesomeness that is the Red Rose Hotel. Located in Chiang Rai and just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Khun Korn Waterfall, the hotel is in a great place for discovering the natural charms of Northern Thailand.

    Ladies of the night are a common fixture here and the place is somewhat notorious locally. Rooms can be rented for short-term fun or for longer durations. All rooms have a private bathroom, complete with both a shower and a bathtub, and rooms also have a TV, a balcony, a minibar, and a separate seating area.

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