The must-try bakeries in Tokyo, Japan

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The must-try bakeries in Tokyo, Japan
If you have ever been to Japan, you have probably encountered the "Japanese Bakery" serving up delicious treats, usually located around train stations and pretty much anywhere people go. Here are 6 Japanese bakeries worth a visit in Tokyo.

  • Le Petit Mec Tokyo

    Le Petit Mec TokyoLe Petit Mec Tokyo

    Le Petit Mec was born in Kyoto back in 1998, the Shinjuku branch has been embraced by the locals and became one of their favorites. Their breads have been enthusiastically approved by the French customers, this can be a proof of their authenticity. Le Petit Mec particularly take pride in their baguettes, including some variations like jambon cru, chocolat, or citron. They get full support from Shinjuku’s bakery or bread purists.

  • Gontran Cherrier

    Gontran CherrierGontran Cherrier

    Gontran Cherrier started out as a simple but ambitious bakery in Paris. The family of the eponymous owner has been baking bread for generations, and with seven outposts in Japan alone, their recipes continue to draw crowds for their quality and classic style.

  • Bakery Donsuke

    Bakery DonsukeBakery Donsuke

    Around the corner from busy streets, Panya-no-Donsuke (Bakery Donsuke) is a hidden gem, a staunch favorite of the local fans. You will find some wonderfully original creations unique to Japan, such as fluffy buns filled with sweet bean paste, custard cream bread with raisins, or chocolate cornets, just to name a few. They also offer daily specials or limited time offer items, so there is always be a surprise every time you visit.

  • Bakery & Restaurant Sawamura

    Bakery & Restaurant SawamuraBakery & Restaurant Sawamura

    Bakery & Restaurant Sawamura hails from the mountain resort Karuizawa. Sawamura Shinjuku branch, located inside NEWoMan, pumps out 80 different products, including Karuizawa specialties. Their baker’s pizzas, made with homemade ricotta, special bolognaise sauce and anchovy, are perfect for lunch or dinner. In the evening, special dishes are created to go with the bread and wine, for a fine dining experience. Sawamura stays open until 4am, as a place to enjoy excellent bakery products almost around the clock, fans flock from far and wide.

  • The City Bakery

    The City BakeryThe City Bakery

    The City Bakery has quite a steady following, already gaining popularity with foreign visitors and locals. Located inside Shinagawa Atre, just next to Shinagawa station, it is very busy with travelers and workers in the mornings and evenings trying to get a bite to eat or takeout.

  • Brasserie Viron

    Brasserie VironBrasserie Viron

    This boulangerie in Shibuya makes their bread using imported flours from France. If you do not feel like fixing it up yourself, there is a bistro upstairs where they serve their breads and pastries in-house.

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