The must-try spots for ramen in Tokyo, Japan

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The must-try spots for ramen in Tokyo, Japan
Ramen, Japan’s iconic noodle soup dish, does not only enjoy massive popularity in its home country but all around the world. Eating authentic Japanese ramen is a highlight for a lot of tourists, but the sheer abundance of shops and noodle soup varieties can make this endeavor harder than it seems. Here is the list of best ramen spots in Tokyo you can try.

  • Ichiran Ramen

    Ichiran RamenIchiran Ramen

    Ichiran ramen is the most popular ramen chain in all of Japan with locations spread across the country. They are famous for their tonkotsu ramen which is made using a pork broth. Another notable point about this joint is that there is virtually not human interaction. You chose your order via a machine which is normal for a ramen shop. Then they hand you a form where you can select your preferences such as richness of broth and how soft you would like the noodles to be.

  • Fukutoku


    This is a restaurant where you can enjoy both ramen and Chinese food. It serves a variety of ramen, including those with soy sauce, miso, spicy, and salt flavors, but its most popular dish is the Tokyo Shitamachi Ramen. The soup is made with a stock of pork, chicken, vegetables, and seafood, with a homemade soy sauce added to it. The medium-thick curly noodles go well with the soup. The Yasai Miso Ramen with vegetables and a soup made with a miso sauce that uses a variety of miso, is also recommended.

  • Maruyo


    Maruyo is a ramen restaurant where you can enjoy Hakata Ramen from Fukuoka, distinguished by its pork bone soup. The restaurant's signature soup that is made every morning is rich and creamy, and goes well with the light and thin noodles. There are sugarless noodles available on request (for an additional fee). A popular dish is the Ajitama Ramen, which has a soft-boiled egg that has been cooked in sauce. The Curry Tsukemen dipping noodles, made with spices from India, is not too spicy and popular among foreign customers. Drinks are half off during the happy hour, which is between 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.

  • Ginza Kagari

    Ginza KagariGinza Kagari

    If you are looking for the richest and creamiest Ramen in Tokyo then you should add Ginza Kagari to your list. This ramen restaurant keeps up with the trendy Ginza image by using elegant seasonal toppings. They offer chicken ramen options for those who don't eat pork. Due to the popularity of this restaurant they have opened up another restaurant just 5 minutes away.

  • Sora-no-iro Ramen

    Sora-no-iro RamenSora-no-iro Ramen

    This one is for the vegetarians, this ramen shop specialises in ramen made without using any animal products. This is also suitable for people who only eat Halal as most ramen is made using pork. In addition to vegan ramen you can find the traditional ramen fare. This restaurant is very popular and you should expect to wait. For the best vegan ramen, Sora-no-iro ramen is not to be missed.

  • Tsuta Ramen

    Tsuta RamenTsuta Ramen

    Tokyo has the most Michelin star restaurants in Japan. To dine at one of these world class restaurants would normally cost you an arm and a leg. This humble ramen shop was granted one michelin star. Here a bowl of ramen will cost you around $10. Where else in the world can you say you eat at a michelin star restaurant for that price? However, this is a classy place where truffle oil ramen is on the menu.

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