The romantic things to do for couples in Seoul

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The romantic things to do for couples in Seoul
Since Seoul is an attractive destination to the travelers, it will not be difficult to find a romantic place to date. Check out these romantic date ideas in Seoul that will make you and your lover happy.


  • Visit a theme cafe

    Visit a theme cafeVisit a theme cafe

    There are thousands of cafes in Seoul, and many of them are themed. From fancy dessert cafes, game-board cafes, cat cafes, dog cafes, dress up cafes, and even raccoon cafes, Seoul has themed cafe that you and your date will love. Spend an afternoon sipping on coffee in a fun or unique environment with your sweetie.

  • Catch a flick

    Catch a flickCatch a flick

    Korea’s movie theatres are pretty awesome. Not only can you bring your own food and drinks in, but you can upgrade you and your hunny’s seats to a Sweetbox to relax in your own personal sofa in the back of the theatre. There are fancier options in Apgujeong like Cine de Chef where you get served a fine dinner with your movie and Temper Cinema where you get to lay on TemperPedic beds during the entire film.

  • Lotte World

    Lotte WorldLotte World

    Lotte World is not only one of Korea’s most popular theme parks, but it is also a favorite amongst couples. That is because the exhilarating rollercoasters, cute parades, ice rink, junk food, and more make for a date full of excitement and romance.

  • Banpo Bridge Park

    Banpo Bridge ParkBanpo Bridge Park

    Located on the Han River and over 3,000 feet long, the bridge contains the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, which is the longest fountain in the world. At night, the fountain is lit up by LED lights and sprays water down into the river. The fountain is designed to perform different shows depending on the time of day.

  • Pocheon Herb Island

    Pocheon Herb IslandPocheon Herb Island

    This random theme park has all kinds of fun activities inside for you and your lover to enjoy together. Take a boat ride in a love gondola, dress up in costumes for some photos, explore the various gardens, and enjoy some makgeolli and treats. If you get bored, hop on a bus and check out Pocheon Art Valley.

  • Wine train

    Wine trainWine train

    Board the wine and cinema train in Seoul for an afternoon of wine tasting and eating snacks. The train stops and takes a break for you to enjoy a wine foot bath and check out a Korean traditional music museum where you will get to try out the drums. You can book your tickets through Package Korea.

  • Ihwa Mural Village

    Ihwa Mural VillageIhwa Mural Village

    Ihwa Mural Village is located near Mt. Naksan and a true testament to art’s ability to bring together a community. The village was once condemned for demolition, but with the help of local artists, it is a thriving location filled with intriguing artwork. Inside the village, everything from the stairs to the buildings has murals painted on them. Sculptures line the road from the village to the local park and one will find plenty of intriguing art to take pictures with.

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