The things make you love at first sight with Thailand

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The things make you love at first sight with Thailand
Thailand is very popular to everyone over the world. It is a country full of life and energy with an intoxicating mix of the fascinating, the fun and the frivolous. It can also be frustrating at times as visitors get to grips with the different way of doing things in Thailand and the attitude to life in general.

  • The weather

    The weatherThe weather

    Warm and sunny with a few months of warm and wet. You normally get about a 6 month stretch of continuously blue skies in the dry season. Perfect for the avoidance of cold, dark, miserable, drizzly and generally pants weather like I experienced in London for 12 years.

  • The people

    The peopleThe people

    The people in Thailand are lovely and friendly. Whether they are selling food at the markets across the country or having a drink alongside you in the bar, they are a passionate, hard-working and fun bunch, and it is easy to see why their country has earned the title of the Land of Smiles.

  • The culture

    The cultureThe culture

    In Thailand, you will meet a different culture which is also a very friendly culture. Buddhism predominates and is the main “religion” in the country. Thousands of years of history and traditions are preserved around the country. Every village and town have its own history just like all the beautiful old temples. Additionally, there are lots of fun festivals throughout the year such as Songkran and Loy Krathong. Dance shows can be seen in several places, and even Thai music is worthy of listening to.

  • Food


    In Thailand, food is not just a daily necessity, it is part of the fabric of Thai society. A common Thai greeting is “kin khao reu yang?” It is the equivalent of saying ‘how is it going?’, but the literal translation is ‘have you eaten rice yet?’ and demonstrates the central role that food has in Thailand. From hawker stalls and roving vendors to world class restaurants, Thailand is home to some of the best food in the world. And do not be put off by that ramshackle restaurant you see on the side of a busy road. With its corrugated iron roof, faded decorations and miniature plastic chairs it might look like a place to avoid, but appearances can be deceptive. Some of the best food and most memorable travel experiences can be found at such places. Travel Thailand with a bit of adventure and do not just eat at your hotel and guest-house.

  • Nature


    The beaches and islands of southern Thailand and the Eastern Seaboard might grab most of the attention of the glossy travel brochures, but Thailand has some wonderful national parks and delightful scenery away from the coast. Highlights include locations such as Khao Sok in the south, Khao Yai to the north-east of Bangkok and Doi Inthanon in the north.

  • Festivals


    It might be a sweeping generalization, but Thai people tend to have a party attitude. Life is there to be enjoyed, work to live, not live to work. This attitude can often be seen at Thailand’s numerous festivals, especially the major holiday of the year, the Songkran New Year Water Festival. If you have not been to Thailand for Songkran. Songkran and Loy Krathong are the best-known Thai festivals, but attending any festival in Thailand gives a wonderful insight into Thai life and culture.

  • The beaches

    The beachesThe beaches

    If you yearn for sun and paradise beaches, you will certainly not be disappointed. Thailand’s beaches are impressive, and there is a beach that suits everyone, whether you like remote beaches or lively beaches with activities.

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