The yummy dishes from banana in Vietnam

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The yummy dishes from banana in Vietnam
Banana is a nutritious tropical fruit with a lot of health benefits, therefore the Vietnamese incorporate them into a lot of recipes. Here is a list of some very popular dishes that are made from bananas that people often enjoy in Vietnam.

  • Banh chuoi chien

    Banh chuoi chienBanh chuoi chien

    Fried banana cake has crispy wheat flour crust and tender sweet banana filling. It is one of the most favorite street food in Vietnam. Street food vendors usually deep-fry the cake using a charcoal oven and big pan at their rolling cart. Price of one cake is about 10,000 VND or 0.5 USD.

  • Chuoi nep nuong

    Chuoi nep nuongChuoi nep nuong

    Although the spectrum of Vietnamese desserts is a whole other realm in itself, chuoi nep nuong is a favorite street food. The fruit is wrapped in sticky rice and kept together with a single banana leaf to keep the moisture locked in. It is then being grilled like a skewer of meat. The key factor of the dish lies in the ample servings of coconut milk mixed with water and sugar. Topped off with coconut flakes and a sprinkle of chopped peanuts, and voila.

  • Chuoi xao dua

    Chuoi xao duaChuoi xao dua

    This is a very popular banana desert, especially in the Southern regions of Vietnam. Instead of being grilled, the banana is boiled in water until it turns light pink, and then is served along with salty coconut milk, and topped with roasted sesame seeds.

  • Kem chuoi

    Kem chuoiKem chuoi

    Banana ice-cream has been loved by all of ages in Vietnam for many years. Ingredients to make this kind of food are banana, condensed milk, coconut milk, crushed peanuts, vanilla, tapioca starch and shredded coconut meat. The cook press whole banana into a sheet with medium thickness, put a layer of mixed condensed milk, coconut milk, vanilla, tapioca starch, sugar, salt, a layer of peanuts and a layer of shredded coconut meat.

    All of them are wrapped in plastic sheet and put into freezer. Banana ice-cream is a perfect blend of all ingredients. Banana ice-cream is very cheap, it costs about 10,000 VND or 0.5 USD.

  • Chuoi sap luoc

    Chuoi sap luoc Chuoi sap luoc

    The Vietnamese plantain is literally translated to ‘wax banana’, due to the wax-like texture that it acquires after being boiled. It is pretty small, and it turns into a beautiful golden color when cooked. This is a very healthy and tasty dessert to opt for.

  • Che chuoi

    Che chuoiChe chuoi

    “Che” in Vietnamese refers to any type of dessert with a liquid consistency. Che chuoi consists of a sweetened banana mixture with rich coconut cream and tapioca pearls, with the option of serving it hot or cold.

    With a secret family recipe that has won over the hearts of residents since its opening, Che Thai Doi Can (find at 75 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi) was one of the first dessert shops of its kind to pop up in the city several decades ago, with many following suit soon after.

  • Banh mi chuoi nuong

    Banh mi chuoi nuongBanh mi chuoi nuong

    With a historical French influence that gradually seeped into Vietnam’s cuisine, banana bread is a staple found in any French-style or locally owned bakery in the city. The Vietnamese version of the baked good is more of a cross between a flan and a bread pudding that is packed with a healthy dose of ripe bananas.

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