Things that make you fall in love with Kyoto

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Things that make you fall in love with Kyoto
The ancient capital of Kyoto offers numerous reasons to visit, from historic temples and colorful shrines to the mysterious culture of maiko and geisha and artistic luxury of multi-course kaiseki ryori meals. Here are a few of favorite reasons to visit the cultural and historic heart of Japan.

  • Temples and Shrines

    Temples and ShrinesTemples and Shrines

    There are 1,600 Zen, Shinto, and Buddhist temples and shrines, in Kyoto. The most impressive temples are in the Higashiyama district. Always crowded but always worth it, is the Kiyomizu Dera Temple. It would be remiss to miss Kinkakuji – The Golden Pavilion and Fushimi Inari-Taisha. It is lovely trek to the top of the hill to one of the most photographed shrines in Kyoto. Remember to bring a good camera to capture your experiences.

  • Geisha encounters

    Geisha encountersGeisha encounters

    If you’ve always wanted to see a real, live geisha — or geiko, as Kyoto geisha are known — and their maiko apprentices, then the streets around the Gion district of Kyoto is just the place for it. While the geiko and maiko are usually too busy to stop for a photo, if you visit in April during the Miyako Odori festival, you can enjoy a public performance.

  • Japanese sweets

    Japanese sweetsJapanese sweets

    Kyoto is famous for its parfaits made with Uji matcha, a premium brand of matcha green tea, along with green-tea flavored wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets). Even those without a major sweet tooth are sure to enjoy the mild sweetness of wagashi, which contrasts wonderfully with the slightly bitter matcha.

  • Ryokan and Machiya

    Ryokan and MachiyaRyokan and Machiya

    Kyoto is home to many ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) and machiya (traditional Kyoto townhouses) that offer a glimpse into old Kyoto. They are a fantastic place to stay to experience authentic Japanese style accommodation and lifestyle.

  • Traditional Sake

    Traditional SakeTraditional Sake

    Sake has been made in Kyoto since the 16th century with the Fushimi area home to many of Japan’s most famous sake breweries. Most places offer a chance to sample some of their finest with a great variety of tastes available.

  • Gion


    Kyoto's Gion has been the foremost entertainment district in Japan since ancient days. It bustles with visitors but at night these streets look completely different. The Gion area of Kyoto is the foremost place to get a taste of Japan. With its streets lined with old wooden buildings, Gion is visited not only by domestic tourists but also by visitors from all over the world.

  • Festivals


    This is all about the celebration of Japan’s former imperial capital, Kyoto. The Gion Matsuri is Kyoto’s biggest annual festival, and the Jidai Matsuri Festival is the festival of the ages, occurring every year on October 22nd. The festival features some 2500 people wearing costumes ranging from the 8th to the 19th-century parade. The parade goes from the Imperial Palace to the Heian-jingu shrine. Regardless of festivals, you need to visit Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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