Things to do in Vinh City, Vietnam

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Things to do in Vinh City, Vietnam
Vinh is known as the ‘Gateway to the South’ by the people in Northern Vietnam. The city is well connected to the rest of the country with plenty of road, rail, and air routes. The people are friendly and genuinely curious about foreigners, since not many stay long in the city.

  • Ho Chi Minh Pilgrimage spots

    Ho Chi Minh Pilgrimage spotsHo Chi Minh Pilgrimage spots

    Ho Chi Minh’s birthplace in Hoang Tru, and the village of Kim Lien, where he spent some of his formative years, are 14km northwest of Vinh. Although these are popular pilgrimage spots for the party faithful, there is little to see other than recreated houses of bamboo and palm leaves, dressed (barely) with a few pieces of furniture. From Vinh, you can take motorbike (150,000 VND), or taxi (300,000 VND) to get there.

  • Cua Lo beach

    Cua Lo beachCua Lo beach

    Heading 15km northeast from Vinh, you will arrive at the smooth sand Cua Lo beach. Here you can see large ships off in the distance and enjoy a beer while taking a rest in the beach. There are no shortage of restaurants just in from the beach as well. Having visited many beach in Vietnam, this one is refreshingly clean without much garbage.

  • Taste local foods

    Taste local foodsTaste local foods

    Unlike Vietnam’s bigger cities, Vinh’s streets are not packed full of street food vendors, making walking easier. Find the specialties the city is known for in its local restaurants as succulent barbecued meats served in bread rolls, grilled corn, and the city's most famous dish, eel soup.

  • Get lost in sunflower fields

    Get lost in sunflower fieldsGet lost in sunflower fields

    About 100km north of Vinh in Nghia Dan district, you will find a 30 hectare sunflower field. It is located along the Ho Chi Minh trail, so it is very possibly on your route. It is quite popular with Vietnamese travelers who want to get lost among the thousands of bright yellow flowers.

  • Find the Nghe An Citadel

    Find the Nghe An CitadelFind the Nghe An Citadel

    Located in city centre, you might stumble upon the Nghe An Citadel. Originally built in 1804 and fortified in 1831, this French-style citadel was built under Emperor Minh Mang as a defense stronghold for the strategically important area of Vinh. Later it was used by the French as a prison, and a place to execute political prisoners. Today, the only remnants are its 3 gates. Moreover, inside the citadel walls you can find a basic museum with some interesting historical photos and American war relics.

  • Dao Che

    Dao CheDao Che

    Located about 50km west of Vinh, Dao Che is the popular destinations to many travelers. Multiple islands jut out of the water into perfectly rounded hills, each with rows and rows of green tea plants. It is possible to take a boat tour with a number of companies. They will stop on some islands and drive through the rest or get lunch. You can buy some green tea from the field you walk through as well.

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