Tibetan cuisine, a thing that must be discovered when traveling

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Tibetan cuisine, a thing that must be discovered when traveling
When traveling to Tibet, don’t forget to try the Tibetan foods. The cuisine is an important part of Tibetan people, it has a very distinct character. There are many types of dishes in Tibet. Whether it’s tasty or not, you need to try it yourself. Even if you have explored all Tibet attractions, your trip to Tibet is never complete without trying Tibetan food.

  • Tsampa


    Tsamba, a kind of dough made with roasted barley flour and ghee (pure butter) with water, is traditional Tibetan staple food. It has a certain novelty value the first time you try it, but only a Tibetan can eat it every day and still look forward to the next meal.

  • Tibetan Noodle

    Tibetan NoodleTibetan Noodle

    Tibetan noodle is usually served with simple vegetable, diced beef, chopped scallions in the brewis. Those who live in cities of Tibet prefer to have Tibetan noodle and sweet tea as their breakfast. Some restaurants also offer pickled radish and chili sauce to season the noodles. Some say Tibetan noodle soup is the most enjoyable for the meal as the soup tastes nice together with a bit shallot to keep warm.

  • Tibetan Sausages

    Tibetan SausagesTibetan Sausages

    Tibetan people make the best of yak and sheep products for the living. They are fond of varied sausages, including meat sausage, blood sausage, flour sausage, liver sausage, lung sausage, etc. Among all types of sausages, blood sausage and white sausage are the most common and popular ones.

  • Momo


    Momo are Tibetan dumplings which are made with either meat or vegetables. The half-moon-shaped Momo can be either steamed or fried and served with chili sauce. As one famous Chinese style snack, Momo is another name of dumpling in Tibet, Nepal, India and other South Asia Country.

  • Ginseng Fruit Rice

    Ginseng Fruit RiceGinseng Fruit Rice

    Ginseng fruit rice is considered as a propitious esculent by Tibetans and they eat ginseng fruit rice during weddings or festivals especially at Tibetan New Year Festival. Ginseng fruit rice is made with rice which is covered with cooked Ginseng fruit, little sugar and ghee juice.

  • Butter Tea

    Butter TeaButter Tea

    Butter tea is a must-drink during Tibet travel and another staple of Tibetan meal. To put it simply, the butter tea is boiled strong tea added with ghee and salt. Tibetan people drink butter tea to keep themselves warm and it is usually drunk when eating Tsampa.

  • Tibetan Sweet Tea

    Tibetan Sweet TeaTibetan Sweet Tea

    Tibetan Sweet Tea is another popular tea in Tibet. There is a say that Tibetan Sweet Tea is the blood of Lhasa, from which you can see the importance of sweet tea in Tibetan life. Different from a reputation of Butter Tea, the Sweet Tea receives lots of affections among visitors for it smells more pleasant and the taste is not that strong.

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