Top 5 most beautiful valleys and canyons in China

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Top 5 most beautiful valleys and canyons in China
China is a mountainous country. The criss-crossing mountains and valleys determine the main features of terrain in China.

Terrain in China is various, complex, diverse, mountainous and scattered orderly. Here is the list of top 5 great canyons and valleys in China for you to admire the beauty of China.
  • Yellow River Jin-Shaan Valley

    Yellow River Jin-Shaan ValleyYellow River Jin-Shaan Valley

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    From the source of Yellow River to upper reaches of Hekou town Togtoh county, Inner Mongolia, and from the lower and middle reaches of Hejin Yumenkou to peach blossom valley, although there also are gorge such as Longyang gorgem Jishi gorge, Liujia gorge and so many famous canyons, but they are all separated by a series of wide valley basin.

    In the Loess Plateau, the valleys are mostly 100 meters more deep, and its narrowest point is only 30 to 50m at Hukou Waterfall. 56% of the total sand carried by Yellow River is taken from this section. Literally, Yellow River becomes truly "Yellow” at this section.

  • Jiuzhaigou Valley

    Jiuzhaigou ValleyJiuzhaigou Valley

    Jiuzhaigou Valley is a nature reserve and a national park in the southwestern region of China. This place is equally beautiful to all the other valleys mentioned. With the flowing transparent rivers, lakes, and springs, it is a place worth visiting once a lifetime.

  • Lancang River Melli Grand Canyon

    Lancang River Melli Grand CanyonLancang River Melli Grand Canyon

    Lancang River Melli Grand Canyon is located in China’s Yunnan Deqing Diqing, started in the north from Foshan township, south to Yanmen township, 150 kilometers long, is one of the largest local elevation difference in Yunnan province.

    Deep valley, towering snow-capped mountains, surging water and lush forests is the characteristics of is segment of the Lancang River Meili Grand Canyon, the Meili Snow Mountain in the side of Lancang River Meili Grand Canyon which is regarded as sacred to Tibetan compatriots is added mystery to the grand canyon. Big elevation difference of ups and downs, make the river surging roar, turn up the billows, snow mountain in the canyon area make it more holy and sacred, and have a beauty of magic, holy and lush.

  • The Brahmaputra Grand Canyon

    The Brahmaputra Grand CanyonThe Brahmaputra Grand Canyon

    Brahmaputra Grand Canyon is located 5 degrees north of the Tropic of Cancer, 496.3 km long, with an average depth of 5,000 meters, and the depth between the Namjagbrawa Peak and Jialabailei Peak is 5382 meters, which is the deepest canyon in the world. The narrowest point in the Grand Canyon is 74 m.

    Grand Canyon is the most abundant mountain ecosystems and vegetation type biological canyon valley in the world. From the few hundred meters above sea level bottom, to the Namjagbarwa, there are all types of trees and plants, such as the tropical semi-evergreen monsoon evergreen mountain rain forest, subtropical evergreen broad-leaved semi-evergreen forest, warm temperate evergreen coniferous forest, Zhongshan , subalpine evergreen coniferous boreal forest, sub-arctic alpine shrub meadow, alpine ice and cold sub-arctic ice and snow and other high mountain ecosystems, the distribution in sequence along the valley slope, and is known as a natural vegetation type mountain world museum.

  • Golden Sand River Tiger Leaping Gorge

    Golden Sand River Tiger Leaping GorgeGolden Sand River Tiger Leaping Gorge

    Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of China’s deepest canyons. It is located in the Yulong Xaxi autonomous county of Yunnan province (formerly named the Lijiang Xaxi autonomous county) Longpan township in northeast China.

    Located at the high altitude area, surrounded by Hengduan Montains, the climate in Tiger Leaping Gorge is complicate and changeable. The temperature difference between day and night is big. The vertical elevation difference of the gorge is 3790 m which is one of the deepest valleys in the world. The narrowest part of the gorge was just 30 m, which is so narrow that a tiger can jump over the gorge, hence the name. Along the gorge, there are 21 dangerous shoals and 10 waterfalls.

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