Top 5 places for hiking near Saigon

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Top 5 places for hiking near Saigon
If you have done most of things to do in Saigon and you are looking for some nature adventures outside this charming city, then this list is for you who love nature and hiking.

  • Nui Ba Den, Tay Ninh Province

    Nui Ba Den, Tay Ninh ProvinceNui Ba Den, Tay Ninh Province

    Well-known as the highest mountain in Southeastern Vietnam, 986 meters, and 11 kilometers to the northeast of Tay Ninh Province, Black Virgin Mountain has appealed to plenty of travelers especially who adore trekking and hiking every week.

    Looking at the mountain from the far distance, you can find it look like a conical hat upside down among the vast plain, giving an enthralling and unique natural painting. The higher position of the mountain you reach, the cooler the atmosphere is. Nowhere brings you an awesome view of the unspoiled land as Black Virgin Mountain.

  • Nui Chua Chan, Dong Nai province

    Nui Chua Chan, Dong Nai provinceNui Chua Chan, Dong Nai province

    A charming mountain in Dong Nai, Nui Chua Chan is embellished by the simple way of life of the residents, you will encounter as you hike up the paved stairway that leads to some pagoda at its lower part. The summit at 800 meters is definitely worth the 2-3 hour trek with a 360-view of Dong Nai Province.

  • Nui Cam, An Giang province

    Nui Cam, An Giang provinceNui Cam, An Giang province

    Cam Mountain is nestled in the mysterious That Son Mountain range of the cool weather and the enchanting landscapes. Ever wonder why the mountain is said to be intriguing in that way? Perhaps, it is partially because winding trails along the mountainside are challenging anyone who always craves for conquering the top.

    If you pick the early morning as your departure time, you are utterly right for your own decision, it is time to gaze into white clouds gently floating above the vast rice field.

  • Langbiang Mountain, Lam Dong Province

    Langbiang Mountain, Lam Dong ProvinceLangbiang Mountain, Lam Dong Province

    Photo Klook

    Lac Duong District is exactly where Langbiang Mountain is located, it is just 12 kilometers to the north of Da Lat City and at the altitude of 2,000 meters. Because of being the second highest mountain of Bidoup National Park, you will take an opportunity to peer down at the whole city full of charms below after reaching the top. At this peak, everything around offers you a feeling of falling into an ethereal wonderland, for certain.

  • Nui Ba Ra, Binh Phuoc Province

    Nui Ba Ra, Binh Phuoc ProvinceNui Ba Ra, Binh Phuoc Province

    The Ba Ra peak is at the altitude of 723 meters and positioned at Phuoc Long District, Binh Phuoc Province. What impresses you so much is the calm atmosphere and romantic landscapes. From Dong Xoai District, you will follow Provincial Route 741, pass Phuoc Long District and arrive at Ba Ra Cable Car Station. Continue walking about 500 meters, and you will see the trail to the mountain’s top.

    A trek along this trail lets you to discover the imposing scenes around, such as Thac Mo Lake, green bamboo trees bending down, giving a ravishing corner.

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