Top 6 restaurants in Xidan, Beijing

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Top 6 restaurants in Xidan, Beijing
Xidan is one of Beijing’s most bustling commercial areas, so it is no surprise that it has some of the city’s best places to dine. Keep reading to find out where and what to eat in Xidan, Beijing.

  • Haidilao Hot Pot

    Haidilao Hot PotHaidilao Hot Pot

    Being the Beijing staple that it is, it’s natural that one of the best restaurants in Xidan is one that specializes in hot pot. Haidilao Hot Pot is a Chinese chain serving up heaps of delicious hot pot essentials. The restaurant’s layout makes it possible for large groups with different tastes to eat together – duel burners on each table allow for multiple pots of water to be boiling at the same time. Diners have the choice to choose broths that range from spicy to not spicy, and whatever your dietary restrictions may be, Haidilao Hot Pot is more than prepared to provide you with hot pot accessories that suit your needs. For some authentic Chinese cuisine and an exciting dining experience, Haidilao Hot Pot is a must!

  • Prego


    Located inside of the Westin Hotel, Prego, an Italian restaurant that serves up authentic fare in a business-chic atmosphere, has become a favorite to many Beijingers. The restaurant’s interior is unsurprisingly fabulous, due to its location – sleek lighting fixtures and eye-catching décor fills the space. Although a bit pricier than other restaurants in the area, Prego offers customers authentically prepared Italian staples, with a beautifully creative twist, that is worth every kuai. Dishes such as tasty pasta bowls and elegant ravioli plates can be found on the eateries’ menu. All-in-all, Prego is on the top of our list as one of Xidan’s best places to dine for business-casual get-togethers and delicious food!

  • Greenfish


    For scrumptious seafood in an award-winning hotel, Greenfish is one of the best places you can go in Xidan. Known for its impressive selection of seafood and international fare, Greenfish satisfies customers’ hunger in the classiest of ways. While the restaurant’s price tag is much higher than others in the area, you get what you pay for. Prospective customers looking to dine here can expect an array of freshly prepared crustaceans, decadent desserts, and Chinese cuisine delicious enough to blow anyone’s taste buds away. If, while in Xidan, you find yourself looking for a high-end fusion restaurant, Greenfish is just the place to go!

  • Freak Shake

    Freak ShakeFreak Shake

    While this restaurant is not your average, it is the perfect place for a dessert-based meal. Offering hungry Beijingers the ultimate milkshake suitable to satiate any sweet-tooth craving, Freak Shake is an absolute must for ice cream lovers in the Xidan area. Freak Shake specializes in creative, monstrous milkshake concoctions. Served in mason jar mugs and placed on a plate to avoid spillovers, the milkshakes are truly a work of culinary art – pretzels and macaroons decorate the shakes’ tops, and chocolate and strawberry syrups ooze down the sides of the glass. Expect a variety of sweet, milky treats, complete with all the works. Worth every bit of RMB, Freak Shake is certainly one of the best restaurants (and we use this word loosely) in Xidan.

  • Dingtaifeng (Xidan Branch)

    Dingtaifeng (Xidan Branch)Dingtaifeng (Xidan Branch)

    This Chinese chain is known for providing hungry customers with outstanding dumplings and excellent customer service. Dingtaifeng is a relaxed and reasonably priced chain that serves up some of the city’s consistently best dumplings. It offers other staple Chinese dishes as well, making Dingtaifeng the perfect place to immerse yourself into the country’s cuisine. Although the restaurant is best known for its various steamed dumplings, customers also boast about Dingtaifeng’s complimentary dishes, such as spicy noodles and cold cucumber and vinegar salads. If ever you find yourself hungry and in the Xidan area, we recommend making your way to Dingtaifeng for some freshly steamed soup dumplings and an ice-cold beer.

  • Cepe


    Located inside the Ritz-Carlton in Xidan, Cepe is a high-end restaurant that has successfully satiated the hunger of both Beijingers and travelers alike. Almost as impressive as the restaurant’s food is its interior – boasting a sleek-looking bookshelf, dressed in silky drapes, and decorated with leather accents, Cepe’s interior is one of the most beautiful in the area.
    If the chicness of the dining room wasn’t impressive enough for you, Cepe’s food will be – freshly plated seafood and carefully prepared Italian dishes are just a few of the items on the menu. Customers who dine here repeatedly rate Cepe for its attentive staff, large selection of fancy fare, and tasteful dishes, and it is no surprise. For a wonderful ambiance paired with an even more wonderful meal, Cepe in Xidan is the place to go!

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