Top 7 attractions in Clarke Quay, Singapore

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Top 7 attractions in Clarke Quay, Singapore
Clarke Quay is famous for its stunning waterside restaurants and exciting collection of bars and clubs, but the area has so much more to offer.

  • Singapore River

    Singapore RiverSingapore River

    The Singapore River lies at the heart of the Clarke Quay, providing the central artery for this area’s thriving nightlife scene. Boat tours are available that cruise up and down the entire length of the river, taking advantage of all the interesting sights along the way, ending up in Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and eventually the Marina Bay. The river snakes under historically important bridges such as Clemenceau Bridge and Anderson Bridge, as well as passing important Singapore landmarks such as the Merlion and Esplanade on its way into the Singapore Strait.

  • Fort Canning Park

    Fort Canning ParkFort Canning Park

    Passing by this small, green hill situated in the middle of central Singapore comes as quite the surprise. Lush trees and vegetation are in rich supply at this unexpected spot, which is particularly popular for joggers, dog walkers, or just anybody fancying a break from the sprawling metropolis that is Singapore. Fort Canning Park can be found just behind the main complex of bars and restaurants at Clarke Quay, and can be easily reached from both Clarke Quay and City Hall MRT stations.

  • G-Max Reverse Bungy

    G-Max Reverse BungyG-Max Reverse Bungy

    The G-Max Reverse Bungy is a landmark in itself at Clarke Quay, especially when the giant bungy structure is illuminated at night. This is definitely one attraction for those craving their daily dose of adrenalin. Thrill seekers roll up after 14:00, strap in, and then get launched 60 feet into the air at a speed of 200kmh. G-Max Reverse Bungy boasts a 100% safety record with over 1,000,000 riders successfully making it back down to earth in one piece. A great alternative, kid-friendly attraction.

  • Lockdown Singapore

    Lockdown SingaporeLockdown Singapore

    Lockdown Singapore is a real-life escape game in which players are placed into a ‘locked’ room and have to figure a way of getting out. Each room presents a new puzzle, and if you get really stuck you can always ask the helpful staff for clues. Failing that, there’s an emergency escape door for those that become too claustrophobic or find that their time has run out. You can find Lockdown located in ‘The Central’ shopping centre in Clarke Quay. Games cost around S$20 per person per hour.

  • Boat Quay

    Boat QuayBoat Quay

    Boat Quay is the area of water between North Bridge Road and Anderson Bridge, just walking distance from Clarke Quay Station. Boat Quay is one of the main focal points in the area. Head to the section of North Bridge Road that crosses the river near Clarke Quay station. Looking south from there, you have Singapore’s towering central business to your east, and the majestic Marina Bay Sands directly ahead of you, which puts on a spectacular laser show every day at 20:00 and 21:30.

  • Art-2 Gallery Singapore

    Art-2 Gallery Singapore Art-2 Gallery Singapore

    Art-2 Gallery displays and sells some of Singapore’s finest paintings and art installations, as well as provides a consultancy service for the city-state’s art lovers. Just a short walk from Clarke Quay across the river on Hill Street, Art-2 Gallery specialises in contemporary three-dimensional sculptures, installations and ceramics, and the gallery also hosts regular exhibitions promoting the work form local artists as well as some more internationally recognised names from around Asia.

  • Hong San See Temple

    Hong San See TempleHong San See Temple

    Located on Mohamed Sultan Road, the temple is comprised of a series of buildings, courtyards and statues, making for a tranquil place of worship for Buddhists, as well as an interesting photo-op for the ever-growing number of tourists who pass by. Hong San See was designated as a national monument of Singapore in 1978, as well as receiving an Award of Excellence in the 2010 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Source: singapore-guide

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