Top amazing things to do in Ubud

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Top amazing things to do in Ubud
Ubud has always been a popular place to visit in Bali. Nestled in the cooler mountain districts, it offers a welcome respite from the crazy pace of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak.

Ubud is known as the artistic capital of this tropical island, and many of the surrounding villages are dedicated to particular arts and crafts. It is also known for its spirituality and mysticism, and this has attracted many people to this area
  • Discover Ubud’s tranquil spots

    Discover Ubud’s tranquil spotsDiscover Ubud’s tranquil spots

    The centre of Ubud is busy, but you can find beautiful, tranquil spots. There are some favorite places as the lotus pond at Saraswati temple (behind Starbucks) and Taksu Spa, where the river gorge is an oasis from the chaos. Take the time to wander around and you might be surprised by what you find.

  • Visit Tegalalang rice terrace

    Visit Tegalalang rice terraceVisit Tegalalang rice terrace

    The scenic stretch of rice terraces has become one of the most iconic sights from Bali. Clear blue sky, tall palm trees, and lush tropical greeneries surrounding different levels of rice fields are surely a breathtaking sight to behold, but Ubud’s rice terraces are more than just a postcard-worthy view. It is a manifestation of an ancient Balinese Hindu philosophy organized by a local social unit called ‘subak’. Tourists can also explore the villages nearby to hear fascinating local stories and observe the customs and lifestyles of people who built and now maintain the glorious rice terraces.

  • Shop the art market

    Shop the art marketShop the art market

    After Ubud’s talented artists and craftsmen finish their carved statues, paintings, clothing, or other hand-made goods, naturally, they bring it to the place where passionate and enthusiast tourists hunt for some souvenirs to remember the trip by. And you won’t be disappointed. The Ubud Art Traditional Market and Sukawati Art Market are among the best marketplaces in Bali to get authentic souvenirs at affordable prices.

  • Enjoy dance in Ubud, Bali

    Enjoy dance in Ubud, BaliEnjoy dance in Ubud, Bali

    There are many opportunities to see the traditional Balinese dances in Ubud. One of the most interesting is the Kecak Dance Performace, a fire dance accompanied by hypnotic chanting. You can see the Kecak Dance Performace at Dalem Ubud Temple, or at Padang Tegal Kaja Ubud. These are performed at sundown. To see a very special performance on the nights of the full moon, you will need to head to the Arma Ubud Museum to see this spectacle.

  • Visit Istana Tampaksiring

    Visit Istana TampaksiringVisit Istana Tampaksiring

    Another amazing temple to visit, Istana is closeby to Gunung Kawi, so if you are on a scooter you should do both one after the other. Here, you will find amazing pools with fresh water running into them and locals bathing under them while praying. It is a really spiritual space and somewhere very unique. So, you will find loads of great photo opportunities too.

  • Hike the Campuhan Hill Ubud

    Hike the Campuhan Hill Ubud Hike the Campuhan Hill Ubud

    Campuhan Hill Ubud has also known among teenagers with the name Love hill. Campuhan Hill Ubud will be very suitable for you to have a visit if you like ridge walk. In the Campuhan Hill Ubud area, you can enjoy the fresh air.

  • Try raw food

    Try raw foodTry raw food

    In Ubud, raw food is not reserved for earth-loving hippies and hardcore vegans. Raw food just happens to go well with the overall wellness and chill vibe of the neighborhood. Be sure to try eating raw or at least vegan once when in Ubud. You will be surprised to learn how these healthy dishes can taste so good, especially if you get your nutrition fix at the famed Living Food Lab, Sari Organik, or Earth Cafe.

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