Top attractions in Hulunbuir, China

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Top attractions in Hulunbuir, China
Hulunbuir, a region in Inner Mongolia, hosts vast grasslands, national parks, and scenic views. Home to 32 ethnic groups, it is rich in culture and history. It is a remote area, far away from large cities and bustling streets.

Make a trip out to Hulunbuir to get away from society and immerse yourself in the openness presented by the clear skies and local hospitality. When you are there, do not miss these 5 destinations that are sure to blow you away.
  • Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe

    Golden Horde Mongolian TribeGolden Horde Mongolian Tribe

    It is a tourist destination, the only nomadic tribe open to the tourists. It is a reproduction of the camping tents in Genghis Khan’s time, a kind of travel experience bringing people back to the old days. It is built in the heartland of Hulunbuir Grassland, on the banks of Moergele River that is hailed as China’s first Qushui (River bends).

    This area’s natural pasture is well known home and abroad. Historical records show, many ancient ethnic groups once originated and developed. They lived here from generation to generation till the 12th and 13th centuries when Genghis Khan and his followers united all the Mongolian tribes here and marched towards the areas in most of Asia and Eastern Europe.

  • Hailar National Forest Park

    Hailar National Forest ParkHailar National Forest Park

    Photo Trip

    A small forest park located a few minutes away from central Hailar, the national forest park offers some entertainment when staying in town. If you decide to stopover in Hailar for a day, take a diversion to stop by the national forest park. Take the chance to walk through the trees to commune with nature. There are facilities to rent a few bikes and meander through the park if you wish. It is a pleasant trip to make while driving by.

  • Hulun Lake

    Hulun LakeHulun Lake

    Hulun Lake, west of Hulunbuir Prairie, is first among lakes in Inner Mongolia. The lake presents beautiful scenery and dwellers with their colorful folk customs. You can also take part in horse riding, eating all-mutton banquet, boating and fishing. From July to August, visitors may watch fish leaping up the river linked Hulun Lake to Buir Lake.

  • Genhe Wetland (Or Xishan Wetland)

    Genhe Wetland (Or Xishan Wetland) Genhe Wetland (Or Xishan Wetland)

    Genhe Wetland has an area of 126,000 hectare, the largest wetland in Asia, about 3km to the west of Ergun City. Genhe Wetland is scattered around the forest and the grassland with many types including marshes, shrub swamps, swamp forest, open bogs and moss.

    Genhe Wetland is on the plain delta formed by Erguna River and other three alpine rivers including Genhe River, Deerbugan River and Hawuer River.

  • Shiwei

    Shiwei Shiwei

    Shiwei is a border town in the northeast of Ergun City. It is on the east bank of the Ergun River and abuts Russia. Shiwei is inhabited mostly by the Chinese-Russian descendants.

    Shiwei is one of the cradles of Mongols. Now, it is a beautiful town with multi-ethnic groups including Mongols. It was once listed as one of top ten most beautiful townships in China. The town and its surrounding villages feature the Russian style in terms of architectures and living habits. Stay overnight in a traditional Russian style wooden house (Mukeleng House) is a top choice for many tourists.

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