Top attractions you cannot miss in Kaohsiung, China

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Top attractions you cannot miss in Kaohsiung, China
Besides the largest harbor city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung has more to offer. It is a name along with picturesque MRT station and the pagoda that you have to go in from a dragon’s mouth.

Take a look at Kaohsiung, and you will be mesmerized by its cultural and aesthetic abundance. Below are 6 most popular tourist attractions in Kaohsiung.
  • Lotus Pond

    Lotus PondLotus Pond

    Lotus Pond is an artificial lake and a popular destination also located at Zuoying District. Established in 1951, Lotus Pond is well known for its many lotus plants and temples, including the Spring and Autumn Pavilions, Dragon Tiger Pagodas and the Confucian Temple. This tourist site was also known to be the place of sporting events, such as water ski and dragon boat, in the 2009 World Games. Lotus Pond is one of the most famous sunrise spots in Kaohsiung, so it is quite normal to see photographers standing by at 5 AM.

  • Cijin Island

    Cijin IslandCijin Island

    Cijin Island is one of the 11 districts of Kaohsiung and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province. The island is best known for its great beaches and numerous restaurants selling amazing seafood. There are places where you can pick fresh produce and watch it being prepared right in front of your eyes. This is the closest it gets to fishing and preparing the meal yourself.

    It is an island situated about 15 minutes from the mainland by ferry. The ride on the Cijin-Goushan ferry costs around NT$15 and is one of the most fun parts of a visit there. Cijin is also accessible from the mainland through tunnels connecting the island with the rest of Kaohsiung.

  • Pier 2 Art Center

    Pier 2 Art CenterPier 2 Art Center

    Pier 2 Art Center has also been a favorite for the locals since the past few years. The art center has become a place for friends, families and, of course, couples. This art center in Yancheng District was originally a warehouse site built in 1973. Because of the persistence of local artists, this abandoned site was finally remade as an art center. Most of the art at Pier 2 Art Center can be enjoyed for free, but there are certain seasonal exhibition that would require an entrance ticket with the cost that ranges from at least 150 NTD (approximately 4.50 USD).

  • Love River

    Love RiverLove River

    The Love River winds for about 12 km through the city before emptying itself into Kaohsiung Harbour. There is a night market that operates along one of its banks, as well as a couple of great outdoor riverside cafés to check out. Most of the city's cultural events and live music events are held riverside, making it the heart of Kaohsiung.

    The river got its romantic name from a pair of lovers who leapt into the water to commit suicide in the 1940s and, from its popular usage, it became the official name. Couples can enjoy cruises up and down the river, seeing much of the centre of the city along the way.

  • Liuhe Night Market

    Liuhe Night MarketLiuhe Night Market

    One of the most famous spots in Taiwan, the Liuhe Night Market offers an enthralling overall experience. It is most famous for its open-air eating joints and especially the seafood. Make sure you try the eel spaghetti.

    Items for sale here include handicrafts, electronic gadgetry, knives and even monkeys! This is an unusual market in that you can barter item for item at some stalls. You can trade your used stuff for something you might actually need and use for a long time to come.

  • Zizhu Village

    Zizhu VillageZizhu Village

    Zizhu Village is a military dependents village in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung. Military dependents villages were built in the 1940s to the late 1950s to provide housing for national soldiers and their family. Unfortunately, these villages were usually poorly maintained and many have been demolished and replaced with other buildings. To prevent Zizhu Village from the same fate, many students and artist have gathered to decorate the houses to attract travelers. Like the Rainbow Village in Taichung, Zizhu Village is open throughout the year and travelers can take pictures, relax, and appreciate all the art in the village free of charge.

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