Top destinations in Quy Nhon, the “martial land”

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Top destinations in Quy Nhon, the “martial land”
Relatively unknown and free of mass tourism, the coastal city of Quy Nhon (the capital of Binh Dinh province in central Vietnam) will seduce those who love to travel off the beaten tracks.

Not noisy, busy as Sai Gon as well as not gorgeous and beautiful as Nha Trang but Quy Nhon brings for itself a romantic beauty with a long and curved beach, the extensive Thi Nai Lagoon, the peaceful Han Mac Tu Poet’s grave.
  • Thi Nai Lagoon and Thi Nai Bridge

    Thi Nai Lagoon and Thi Nai BridgeThi Nai Lagoon and Thi Nai Bridge

    Thi Nai Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Binh Dinh and across the lagoon is also the longest cross-sea bridge in Southeast Asia – Thi Nai Bridge. The combination of the majestic bridge and the poetic beauty of surrounding objects makes the viewer immersed in peaceful thought. So, tourists can not miss this place because of its magnificent landscapes.

  • Eo Gio (Wind Waist)

    Eo Gio (Wind Waist)Eo Gio (Wind Waist)

    In Quy Nhon, local people know that Eo Gio is a good place where still have beautiful, green and wild scenery, being suitable for picnic with friends after school days or hard-working weeks.

    If you want to come to the places that have no tourism exploitation and are still completely wild so you should go to Eo Gio. With pure sea water, natural and captivating lake created by tall cliffs, it has attracted a lot of tourists to Quy Nhon to admire the harmony between wind, ocean and mountains.

  • Cu Lao Xanh

    Cu Lao XanhCu Lao Xanh

    Cu Lao Xanh is also known as Van Phi Island – an island near to Xuan Dai Bay, in Nhon Chau Commune. It is about 13 miles from Quy Nhon City. This place is a priceless gift that nature has bestowed for people in the “martial land”.

    To visit Cu Lao Xanh, you should come to Quy Nhon Port, look for Nhon Chau ship. There are 2 trips per a day departing at 7:30 and 12:30. The fare is 20.000 VND per person.

  • Thap Doi Cham Towers (the Pair of Cham Towers)

    Thap Doi Cham Towers (the Pair of Cham Towers)Thap Doi Cham Towers (the Pair of Cham Towers)

    The pair of Cham towers is located within the city. Steep steps lead up to the temples, which are open to the sky. Atypically for Cham architecture, they have been curved pyramidal roofs rather than the usual terracing.

    The northern tower is 20m in height while the southern one is 18m in height. After experiencing many events over time, these are destroyed and damaged heavily.

  • Ham Ho River

    Ham Ho RiverHam Ho River

    Ham Ho is a downstream part of the Kut River in Tay Son, Binh Dinh, and located 55km northwest of Quy Nhon City. The name originated from a unique phenomenon that occurs here in the dry season. In a drought year, there were many strange sounds like people screaming and praying at this bend of the river. The local people began to call this place Ham Ho, or ‘Yelling Cellar’.

    Ham Ho is also famous because it draws a considerable number of fishes, especially in the flood season.

  • Phuong Mai Sand Hill

    Phuong Mai Sand HillPhuong Mai Sand Hill

    Located in 20km from the center of Quy Nhon City, on Nhon Ly Beach. Phuong Mai Sand Hill is considered as an interesting place of Quy Nhon attractions, in the potential development stage so there are not many people knowing it.

    Walk on the sand hills with the elevation of 100m, tourists will embrace this place’s nature including the sand slopes with very long winding sand waves, lush pine forests with long beach. All create a really comfortable feeling.

  • Ky Co Beach

    Ky Co BeachKy Co Beach

    Located about 25km driving from the city centre of Quy Nhon, Ky Co beach is one of the most beautiful and wild beaches in Vietnam with long white sand and blue water and spectacular landscapes that around the beach.

    Ky Co beach is located in Phuong Mai mountains foothill in Nhon Ly Peninsula - Quy Nhon city, which is beautiful like a poetic picture but with magnificent allure. Tourists are attracted not only by its beauty but also other amazing things, especially for those who like adventure tourism.

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