Top Michelin starred restaurants in Bali, Indonesia

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Top Michelin starred restaurants in Bali, Indonesia
With so many outstanding restaurants on the island it can be tricky to choose the best place to eat in Bali. If you only want the best of the best, turn to the trusted Michelin guide to help you decide. With the help of our list, discover the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Bali.

  • Merah Putih

    Merah PutihMerah Putih

    Named after the colors of the Indonesian flag, red and white, this stunning restaurant serves treats based on Indonesia’s best recipes, traditional and modern. Merah Putih serves the renowned babi guling, or Balinese roasted pork, cooked meticulously and served beautifully, as if to a royal guest. The impressive food and presentation match the restaurant’s graceful interior, with a translucent ceiling and glass walls, letting in Bali’s natural sunlight. Located in the fine dining hub of Petitenget, this restaurant still stands out with its lavish exterior and excellent reputation.

  • Mozaic


    Helmed by executive chef Chris Salans, Mozaic quickly made its way to the short list of Bali’s Michelin-star level restaurants. The food is excellent, a combination of French cooking techniques and Balinese recipes and ingredients. Some regard the distinctive menu as French cuisine with Balinese flavors, promising an exclusive dining experience unavailable anywhere else. Situated in the lush, fancy cultural neighborhood of Ubud, this restaurant offers breathtaking views of the hills from its outdoor seating area and a stylish dining balcony that extends over the dense palm trees.

  • Restaurant Locavore

    Restaurant LocavoreRestaurant Locavore

    There are many reasons this intimate Ubud restaurant is worthy of its Michelin star. For one, the inspired fancy dishes, many of which can’t be found elsewhere. The chefs cleverly combine ingredients you wouldn’t think could go together that well, served with exquisite presentation. Restaurant Locavore’s sustainable and eco-friendly concept also deserves a mention. Chefs Eelke Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah carefully select local produce, prioritizing quality, freshness and sustainability.

  • Teatro Gastroteque

    Teatro GastrotequeTeatro Gastroteque

    The presentation of food at Teatro Gastroteque is pure art. The name itself means “theater”, perfectly describing the restaurant’s dashing, distinctive food presentation. But the restaurant’s charm goes way beyond what meets the eye. Guests can expect to experience a unique dining experience of French dishes with an Asian twist, as crafted by internationally acclaimed executive chef Maxie Millian. Introducing new menus almost every month, loyal diners often find themselves coming back for more spectacular culinary adventures.

  • MÉTIS Restaurant, Lounge & Gallery

    MÉTIS Restaurant, Lounge & GalleryMÉTIS Restaurant, Lounge & Gallery

    MÉTIS Restaurant combines fine French Mediterranean cuisine with an elegant interior. Cozy enough to accommodate group dining yet intimate enough to host romantic dinners, the ambience reflects the restaurant’s delicate taste and sophisticated menu, prepared by chef Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville. Even though the restaurant is so spacious, with 350 seats, reservations are recommended, especially for dinner, as the place’s reputation attracts many curious and returning guests.

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